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The Ministry of Motherhood


I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well.


Read 2 Timothy 1:5


Sometimes being a mom is hard. We pour so much of ourselves into our children but it takes so long to see the fruits of our labor. Some days we wonder if we are making any difference at all. It might seem like we could make a bigger difference for the Kingdom outside of the home. And some women are called to do just that. But, whether we work outside of our homes or stay home full-time, all moms are called to a ministry inside our own homes. And that is the ministry of raising our children in the Lord.


That’s why I find the story of Lois and Eunice so encouraging. In today’s verse, Paul is writing to Timothy, who he considered to be his son in the faith. Paul was counting on Timothy to carry on his work as Paul was in prison and his execution was looming. As Paul was longing to see Timothy again, he was reminded of and grateful for Timothy’s faith. A faith that he credits Timothy’s mother and grandmother for instilling in him.


2 Timothy 3:15 makes it clear that Timothy knew the Old Testament Scriptures since childhood. Timothy’s father was a Greek but his mother and his grandmother were Jewish. They were the ones who made sure that Timothy knew the foundations of their faith. And because of this, Timothy was well-prepared to accept Jesus as the Messiah when the time came.


Lois and Eunice were faithful to pass on the most important legacy that mothers can leave for their kids. They were faithful to pass on their faith. And as a result, their son/grandson, Timothy, grew up to follow in the footsteps of the great Apostle Paul. Because of their dedication to their ministry inside their home, Timothy was prepared for an effective ministry outside of his home.


The WORD about Women in the story of Lois and Eunice is that motherhood is an opportunity for ministry. The work that mothers and grandmothers do inside of their homes and in their own families is just as important as ministry work done outside of the home. Sister, if you are a mom, whether you spend all day in an office or all day at home, it is your responsibility and your great honor and privilege to pass your faith down to your kids. Mothers and grandmothers can read the Bible to our kids, teach them the songs of the faith, and teach them how to pray and talk to God. It might seem like our greatest opportunities for impact are outside the walls of our home. But consider Lois and Eunice. Think about how much God worked through two women who were faithful in the ministry of motherhood.



If you are a mom, how are you passing your faith on to your children or grandchildren? If you aren’t a mom, how can you support other moms or help minister to young families?



Father, thank You for the examples of godly women like Lois and Eunice who show us just how important our work as mothers is. I want to have a lasting impact on the faith of my family. Help me to faithfully raise my kids up in the foundations of the faith so that they are prepared to accept Jesus as their Savior one day. Amen.

This post concludes our Word About Women series by Shannon Lenz. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey! You can find more Bible reading plans on various topics in our library:

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9 months ago
My sons are young adults now. I still feel like did l do enough to being them up in the things of Christ, especially when things go south. I did my best from where l was at the time, and when they we're little.

I know more of God now, and more about myself, l have grown and cringe of some of the earlier beliefs in my faith walk, and how has or did this effect my sons.

The thing is, l take comfort from God that he knew me before the foundations of the world. He knew my boys, and He can work all things out together for our good.....
I need to keep trusting Him, and His word as it won't come back void.
It's hard being a mum. Your role changes so many times throughout your family's span and if you yourself have tainted roots, your mind needs renewing to let God flow out of you unhindered.
Thank you God for our boys, that you are directing their path, guiding them with your eye.
I speak your authority of freedom and life over them.
That they will do the good works that you prepared in advance for them to do.
Amen Lord.
a year ago
As a woman who has no biological children. This hit home. I do have a step daughter and after reading this I smiled. 😊My step daughter sees me read my word everyday. 📖 I feel it is the daily things we do as mothers that our children see. The part about teaching them how to pray. We all take turns praying at supper time. This was hard for my step daughter at first, but the beauty of the situation is every time she prays I hear a little bit more of me coming out in her prayer. 💙 This was a much needed read. Thank you & Amen. 🙏🏼💗
a year ago
I'm not a mother but I'm grateful for God filling the void in having me come alongside married and single mothers in helping them train their children in the way they should go.
a year ago
Unfortunately I had to go work when my children were young. When they got into school, it wasn't long before they got into various sports and school activities. We did go to church. Our 2 children were in Awana for awhile, but my husband didn't like what one of the worker's said to him. He wanted us to go to a different church. It has been the story of my life since our marriage in June of 1978.
Both of our adult children go to church now.
Praying that they will be faithful in attending. My husband is in a memory unit in another state.
Enjoyed this lesson today.
a year ago
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