This short 5-day Bible Reading plan will give you an interesting perspective on events surrounding the death and resurrection of our Savior, as seen and documented by eyewitnesses from that time.

Getting Started... - Resurrection


The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important event to the Christian. So important, that the Apostle Paul told his readers in Corinth that if this event were not true, then the entire Christian faith is false (1 Corinthians 15:14-19).

In this study guide we're going to dig deeper into the events surrounding Christ's death and resurrection. We'll do that by looking at how each of the four Gospel writers depict the events of the Passion week. With each message, you'll find links to the four Gospel narratives as well as some devotional thoughts and reflection questions. Also, we'll make use of the tools provided at to take a closer look at some of the unique additions and perspectives each of the Gospel writers bring to their telling of this story.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!

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2 years ago
This does answer the question about Jesus Christ did ineed rise from the grave.
2 years ago
Thank You. ALWAYS excited about getting MORE understanding of God's word...
2 years ago
This is great, I look forward to getting started !!
2 replies
3 months ago
Looking forward to getting started also!
2 years ago
Thank you for this Bible study it's really helpful and it's teaching me to know more of God's word.