In this series we want to highlight the ministry of Warren Wiersbe. Popular pastor and author, Dr. Wiersbe was also Bible Teacher at Back to the Bible through much of the 1980s.

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The Word of Promise and Encouragement - Warren Wiersbe's Heritage Bible Teaching

The Word of Promise and Encouragement

Our society is built on promises. From marriage vows to warranties to political candidates, promises are all around us. But which ones can you count on? Warren Wiersbe points us to a sure promise--the most important one we could ever experience--and describes the blessings it brings to our lives.

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a year ago
God;s promises never fail, Christian life begin with promise: 1) promise assurance of source assurance of your Christian life Romans believe what God say is true .2) God's promise is yes, Christian God is positive.
3) Living by God;s promise.
Hebrews 131) Encourage God promise God can not war against himself he is love, peace.
God of peace work through you to perfect. .He work through us . Encourage; We need to be encourage us through the word of God. through the word of God.