Getting Started - The 7 Last Words From The Cross

Someone's last words can be very revealing, both about their heart and their life. In this inspirational series, Warren Wiersbe reviews the powerful statements made by Jesus as He poured out His love through His blood on the cross. As we examine these seven statements, we'll be able to look into eternity and see the heart of God. We'll also gain a better understanding of our responsibility to live for Jesus and love others!

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3 months ago
My Lord Jesus, thank You Lord for those words which You spoke from Calvary's cross. Lord, I cherish those last words as they were spoken on my behalf, even though I sometimes think I knew quite well how much I hurt You. But I thank You for praying for me and forgiving me for my presumptuous sins. Continue to pray that I do not fall back into my past ways, and I thank You for grace. Amen.
6 months ago
This app is awesome