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ONE | Making a COPY of this Template IS how you signup for your Free Admin Account.

TWO | A Template COPY is required for all Demos and Trainings.

THREE | Once you have your Template Copy you can customize it how ever you like.

Getting Started... - BTTB Church Template

How much does it cost?  We get asked that question A-LOT.   It's free.  100% free.  You can have as many plans, admins, and users, as you like.  Even our customer service is free, it's our mission to help you, help your congregants, grow closer to Jesus 😊

1 - COPYING this template is how you create your free BeEngaged Groups account:

  • Once you make your COPY please email us to get your Support Representative and most importantly so we can create and give you access to your Church Brand. Contact us at: support@bttb.app

2 - Once you have made your COPY you will be an Owner / Admin, and able to do everything:
  • Editing - on your copy you can edit anything.  That means you can modify, delete, and add anything you like. Including this template and everything in it.  
  • Create - you can create any number of publishable plans.
  • Share - you can add as many Admins and Users as you like.

3 - Our Commitment to Service:
  • Our free support extends to both our own products, and we'll even help you with your Live-streaming, Video, and related technologies. For support just send us an email and we'll get you what you need inside 24hrs.  support@bttb.app

Full Training Documentation and Videos:

Click Here For A Full Set Of Instructions, Videos, and Examples 

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Incase you missed it, Product Explainer Video & Demo: https://www.bttb.app