Day 5 - More Than Conquerors - More Than Conquerors

More Than Conquerors

When I was praying about this study, the phrase “More Than Conquerors” was what drew me in. As I began reading the chapter and dug deeper into the great word of God, I noticed something else. In Romans 8:37 the words “in all these things…” jumped off the page to me as I read our scripture focus.

We outlined how to be conquerors in our community, with our spouse, with our children and as leaders. God wants this to expand even further than that.

The phrase, “In all things” should make us pause to think on ALL the areas in your life that God wants to you to be More Than Conquerors. It's sobering to consider how God wants me to be "More Than" when it comes to…
• Family
• Work
• Community
• Finances
• Health
• Service
• Friends
• Thoughts
• Words
• Giving

Just to name a few. We tend to think that God only cares about the big things. That as long as I don’t kill someone, I’ll never have to worry too much. But 1 John 2:9-17 tells us, “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.” Once you start to see that God wants us to be involved in ALL areas of our lives, then it makes complete sense that He wants us to be More Than Conquerors IN ALL THINGS!

I would suggest that you take some time and make a list of the big things in your life and the small things in your life. The big stuff should be easy as they tend to stand out so much more in our thoughts. An example would be your house, retirement, marriage, college, etc. The small things may be wrapped in a hairball of topics that you have deemed not worthy of God’s attention. An example would be that test you need to study for, making friends, your appearance, etc.

Combine both lists into a single one. That is a comprehensive list of where God wants you to be more than a conqueror.

Being a conqueror doesn't mean you'll get everything you desire; so, don't attempt to name and it claim it. Prayerfully consider your approach to these things and when God says no to something you want, have peace knowing it's for your good.
Now go be UNCOMMEN!

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