Day 3 - Conquering Dads - More Than Conquerors

Conquering Dads

Neck deep in diapers? How about buying braces? Teaching your teen to drive? Helping them move into the college dorm? What about hugging them goodbye as they move out of the house?

Face it, Dad, you’re in deep no matter the situation. You may have been thinking, “there I was, just minding my own business…”.

When they called David from out in the field tending the sheep, he had no idea he was being called to become king. He was out minding his own business and BLAM-O you’re the next king. Do you think he may have had a doubt or two about being qualified to be the next king of Israel? What about when they told David about Goliath. The Bible describes Goliath as what we would think of as almost a Superhero in size, strength, and abilities.

But David knew his power didn’t come from himself but rather from Christ as we see in 1 Samuel 17:35. David didn’t care how big Goliath was. He was not concerned about Goliath’s ability or strength nor what Goliath thought of him. In fact, he only cared about what God was calling him to do. Instead of shaky hands fumbling for a sling, I picture David calm, relaxed and collected while preparing the sling. Purposefully reaching into his pouch for a stone and approaching his adversary. Standing his ground as Goliath probably yelled insults at him or talked to the crowd as if David wasn’t even there.

While many of us have Goliath size problems in our lives, do we recognize where our power comes from? Being a Dad is full of challenges that seem to be far beyond our control. Fact is, you’d be 100% correct in thinking that is true. While those things are beyond you, they are not beyond the power of God (Praise His Holy Name!)

Reflect on these questions:
• When you are faced with a Giant sizes problem, what is the first thing you do? Internalize? Try to fix it yourself?
• Do you let fear overcome you in the way you approach the problem?
• Do you take the problem to God before you do anything? Or after you’ve tried your way first?

Verse Reference

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