Day 2 - Conquering Husbands - More Than Conquerors

Conquering Husbands

I know in today's culture, the role of a husband has sometimes been reduced to the bumbling fool that sets the bar way too low. The TV husband barely has enough energy to get out of the lazy-boy to do something foolish for the amusement of the family.

I was online and read a comment from a woman that said: “men are so mediocre these days, none stand out anymore”. Who knows in what context she was writing from, but I took it as a personal charge to stand out from the crowd.

I have a choice to be a husband that my wife respects and is proud that she is married to or she's embarrassed to be married to. Men, you have this choice as well. When Paul was writing this letter to the Christians in Rome, it was during the time of Nero’s reign. Christians would have every reason to feel defeated.

Paul having gone through all type of trials—persecution, famine and personal injury—would have first-hand knowledge of the “things” he talks about in Romans 8:37. Those “things” come in all forms and fashions.

Because of the example of Jesus, we can be more than conquerors in every situation we face. We can take comfort in the fact that God works everything together for our good. Last I checked, everything included all the “things” you and I would ever face.

I know there are days in which the fire just isn’t there. It's Monday again, and you are not ready for it. The responsibilities of life seem too much, and you can’t get in front of anything that comes at you. We are here to say that you are MORE THAN CONQUERORS… that you are MORE THAN ABLE to rise up and be the man that God wants you to be. How you say?

Since we can’t win everywhere all at once, pick one area that you want to win. Pray to God for His will concerning this area of your life. Ask Him for wisdom and the strength to conquer that one area this week. If it takes to two weeks…so be it. What if it takes six months? That’s fine, just stay after it. Trust that God is there for you to help you overcome all the “things” in your life.

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