Day 2 - How We Are Connected - Holy Connection

How We Are Connected

As we talked about in yesterday’s study, we need to stay connected to the Holy Spirit as a power source for our lives. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are in a secure relationship with God that cannot be altered. We have fellowship with God which means we are connected with Him and enjoy that close family relationship.

As God's Children, we have a unique relationship with Him and can call on Him for strength, wisdom, and patience. He is where those things come from, and as we're bestowed these heavenly gifts, we are to use them in our daily lives for His glory.

Our union with God depends on His grace. We are actively and personally united with Christ by faith because of Christ's work. (John 14:12). It is Christ, by His Word, who has cleansed us to fit us for union with Himself.

Because we're unified together, we now have that power source we've been speaking about yesterday. Christ has provided us with a power source; a direct connection with the Father in Heaven. We are now connected to the power source that is our relationship with God through Christ.

An iPhone, when plugged into the wall to charge, doesn't try to use its own energy; it uses the power in the wall socket because it doesn't need to use its own battery yet. If that's the case, shouldn't we be relying on God's strength for everything? He provides everything, He works everything together, so He might as well be the one who gives the energy as well.

Being a man who follows God in today’s culture has been more challenging than ever. The statistics are not in our favor. There are many areas where men just aren't meeting the standard, but the great news is that we have somewhere to turn when we miss the target. When we don't measure up and trust me, you'll find areas where you don't measure up, we look to God for strength; after all, he's the author of it. With God all things are possible; have faith to believe that. He promises to give us the strength we need to carry out His plans for our lives.

Uncommen Challenge:
Thank God for His grace and sending His son Jesus Christ so that we have a way to be connected to God. Thank him for bringing us into his family.

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