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The Hubba Hubba

Yep, we’re talking about sex.

As a teenager, I thought that when I got married, we’d have sex every day. It was probably the hormones of a teenager talking, but that is what I thought. After all, my wife and I both waited to have sex with each other until we were married. Life is a funny thing and many times stranger than fiction.

I heard an older gentleman tell a group of people, to put two pennies in a jar each time you have sex the first year of marriage. In the second year on, take one out each time you have sex. I assume this was his way of saying it’s going to taper off over time.

Since people almost set aside time to worry on purpose, it’s no wonder that we are distracted most of the time. Anxiety, work, money, sleep, insecurity, health, kids are just a few reasons a husband and wife may not be having the intimate time they need with each other.

I know as a man, the longer I go without being intimate with my wife, the more temptations show up. Men are wired so different that it even takes us off guard sometimes. To help women understand the mind of a man here is an example. If you eat lunch before you go grocery shopping, you usually only buy what you’ve put on your list. If you don’t eat at all that day or maybe even the day or two before, you are going to be wanting to put all kinds of crazy things in the basket. I need these twinkies! Ohhhh look, double fried gristle logs. I’ve been meaning to get some of these.

I love the verse here because Paul understands it’s not good to deprive one another. The word deprive tells you that intimacy is needed.

Your wife may be approaching this topic much the same way you are. Men think that women never think of sex and want sex. That is not true. It’s important to make time for each other and to speak about setting aside time for intimacy.

Uncommen Questions:

Would you say you and your wife on always on the same page when it comes to sex?

When was the last time you and your wife had a conversation about sex that didn’t start off with…are we ever going to have sex again?

Uncommen Challenge

If you find the world closing in on your intimacy, start to have date nights. Do something together as a couple that ends with intimacy. Maybe a weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered; the love doctor that is!

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