• Code Purple
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    Code Purple

    Join us to the place where men and women interact with each other in a way that may be different from the way they are used to. The blue man appears to hear the problem, make a solution and return to the game. The pink woman appears with reserve emotions and wants you to listen to the issue in question.

  • Lead
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    Your commitment to be a better leader has everything to do with other’s expectation of you. But what if you don’t own a single title that demands respect? What if your title went away? Would you lead anyway?

  • Words
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    It’s hard enough to communicate the Gospel to someone based on opportunity, openness, and willingness. So let’s make the best of it and communicate with not only the Truth of God but also with the Love of God.

  • As One
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    As One

    Journey with Uncommen as we consider the purpose of marriage, how we can better serve each other as husband and wife, the mysterious role marriages play, and why Jesus is our ultimate hope. We hope you’ll learn how to live as one.

  • Doubt
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    In a world of never ending mental assault, it’s no wonder we all experience doubt at some level. In this devotional, we look at doubt through the eyes of a Husband, Dad, Leader and World. But don’t worry, for Jesus has overcome the world. Stay Uncommen!