• But God
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    But God

    If you are familiar with God’s Word, you know big things happen when you read “But God” in the scripture. If you are not familiar, sit back and enjoy as we spend the next five days looking at the love and power of our God.

  • House Divided
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    House Divided

    Join us as we take a look at how unstable a house can become when it’s divided. The Bible calls it like it is and says, “that house cannot stand.” What are you doing to keep your house stable?

  • Dad Strong
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    Dad Strong

    Join us as we look at what it means to be Dad Strong. We set expectations, get involved, look at how we speak, talk about boundaries and get ready for the transition. Seems to be Dad Strong goes hand and hand with being Uncommen.

  • Rest Boldly
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    Rest Boldly

    Join us as we take a look at what it means to rest boldly in God. While we were created with a purpose, we were also given a space to rest and we’ll look at several situations in which to do that…boldly!

  • Soiled
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    Join us as we look at the parable of the sower spreading seed on four different kinds of soil. They all get the same seed (Gospel) but each one responds to it differently. What kind of soil are you?

  • More Than Conquerors
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    More Than Conquerors

    We’ve all heard the phrase “More Than Conquerors”, but did you know that we are called to be that “in all these things”? Join us as we walk through the scriptures that educated and challenge us all to be “More Than” what we are.

  • Triggered
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    When we let our emotions control us, we are susceptible to all kinds of ungodly outcomes. Join us as we take a look at what we can do to keep our focus on Jesus during even the most emotionally charged situations.

  • Holy Connection
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    Holy Connection

    Staying connected to God is the only way we can walk in faith, victory and live the Christian life. That means we must stay close to the One in the Trinity who abides in us and is on the earth today. His name is the Holy Spirit. If you want to be the person God wants you to be, it’s impossible to do this without the Holy Spirit.

  • In the Likeness of Men
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    In the Likeness of Men

    God sent His only begotten son onto earth in the likeness of men. He was so much more than simply a "man," but what we can learn from Jesus' humanity and heart during His earthly ministry? In this study, we'll look at Philippians 2 to see how to live Godly in an ungodly world.

  • Uncommen Husband 1
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    Uncommen Husband 1

    So you may not be an All-Pro Husband? Who is? At UNCOMMEN we believe God designed men to win as leaders, husbands, and dads. In just a few minutes each day, we’ll stretch those husband muscles and get you back in the game!

  • Code Purple
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    Code Purple

    Join us to the place where men and women interact with each other in a way that may be different from the way they are used to. The blue man appears to hear the problem, make a solution and return to the game. The pink woman appears with reserve emotions and wants you to listen to the issue in question.

  • Lead
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    Your commitment to be a better leader has everything to do with other’s expectation of you. But what if you don’t own a single title that demands respect? What if your title went away? Would you lead anyway?

  • Words
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    It’s hard enough to communicate the Gospel to someone based on opportunity, openness, and willingness. So let’s make the best of it and communicate with not only the Truth of God but also with the Love of God.

  • Love Is
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    Love Is

    Love is a lot of things, but what specifically does scripture tell us about love? If you’re looking for a new way to approach your relationships, this study of 1 Corinthians: 13 is a great place to start. Find out how God wants us to treat others.

  • Focus
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    In a year labeled in 2020, we thought it would be great to develop a devotional on how we Focus our eyes on Jesus. We will look at five different times the Bible talks about seeing Jesus and the situation. Join us as we step into revealing, powerful and personal encounters with the Savior.

  • As One
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    As One

    Journey with Uncommen as we consider the purpose of marriage, how we can better serve each other as husband and wife, the mysterious role marriages play, and why Jesus is our ultimate hope. We hope you’ll learn how to live as one.

  • Uncommen Husband 2
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    Uncommen Husband 2

    The duty of being a Godly husband for your wife didn’t cease after the marriage ceremony. It’s a daily calling God has placed on your life. Join Uncommen as we plunge into real, practical topics you face every day.

  • Doubt
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    In a world of never ending mental assault, it’s no wonder we all experience doubt at some level. In this devotional, we look at doubt through the eyes of a Husband, Dad, Leader and World. But don’t worry, for Jesus has overcome the world. Stay Uncommen!

  • Being Better
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    Being Better

    "Being Better" is inspired by looking at crucial times in the day-to-day of every man. It's easy to slip into poor habits and to not live intentionally. This study is designed to get you back on track with practical tips and Biblical references for how we can be better Husbands and Fathers.

  • Husbands Defined
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    Husbands Defined

    Through this study, we will examine the role of a husband according to God’s Word. Join as we explore the Scriptures and gain a firm grasp on the definition of being a great husband so that we can serve our wives, our children and the world around us.

  • Prioritize Your Wife
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    Prioritize Your Wife

    You got a job offer. And it’s a big one requiring some big changes for your wife and your family. You want to take it, but your wife is against it. How do you choose your wife and your marriage over your calling in these types of real life scenarios?