Why Do We Forgive? - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole


Bible Verses: Hebrews 12:15

“Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.”

Ephesians 4:32

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

Philippians 4:7

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Reflect and Respond:

Is there some unforgiveness that's pushing peace out of your life? What will you do today to address that? What advice or encouragement can you share with us about forgiving?


Father, You see me, You know my heart, my mind, and any grudges and unforgiveness I hold there. Please forgive me, and allow me to do the same. Specifically ___________. Let Your peace rule in my life. Amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!

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Great message thank you Back to the Bible
This has helped me thank you
Think you for sharing So true Amen to that
You are Prince of Peace, dear Lord, come into my heart today.
Reverend William it is not as difficult as we think, for we make it difficult. There is a different way the only way for if we do not forgive then we will not be forgiven. Blessings in Jesus name
Asked The Lord to cleanse you of all anger and resentment, for it only hurts us and Jesus when we do not. We can not ask to be forgiven if we do not forgive for again it only hurts us and Jesus not the others. Heavenly Father Please Bless us me/us You are The everlasting God, to let go give surrender all to You. To wash us clean of all the anger and resentment surrendering all to You. Please Bless and fill us with Your True Peace which surpasses all understanding. For the battle is Your Father You are my confidence renew my/our heart in You to become more and more like You and less and less than ourselves. Fill us with Your Presence our greatest weapon. In Jesus name Amen
We must forgive even though it is very difficult
Glory be to God. Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
I have the grace of God, tell others about the saving grace of God.
Jesus help me to forgive myself! You know my story ! I was. deceived by the enemy that I wasn’t worthy! Thank you for your grace truth and forgiveness! Amen ✝️🙏🇺🇸
Let us not forgive so that we may be forgiven but forgive because we are forgiven !
Amen !
Thank you for the timely reminder of the peace and the power of forgiveness.
Thank you for your encouraging reminder about the power of forgiveness!
Amen, from personal experience! Great reminder!
Pray for PEACE in my family ALWAYS fighting over nonsense, money and material things!
Please forgive me and allow me to do the same. Amen
Please let your peace rule my life
Yes, Lord!