Why Am I Not Growing? - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole

https://youtu.be/SDgyZ_VUnpU Bible Verse: Hebrews 5:11-12 REFLECT and RESPOND: Your roots in Christ are planted, but for them to grow deeper, consider this: True faith isn't about believing a belief. True faith is believing the person and work of Jesus Christ and sharing the news of that relationship with others! PRAYER: Lord, thank you for your Word, and the power of it in my life. Help me to take it in, and live it out. Amen. If you want to share this series with your friends and family, here is the link: https://bttb.org/spiritual-lift-with-arnie-cole
This is the most needed for us ti grow spiritually, every day to get into God's word, to get the right food for me to grow spiritually.
Yeah, never got to that, although I know a lot of people who are on there phone a lot. In my changing process from carnal to spiritual through Jesus our Lord.....through the Holy Spirit. I chose to eliminate everything God brought before me to get rid of. The smart phone was the first to go. I know....... when I tell others that.... they always give me 999 excuses why the cant do that.....and that is fine. God told me to do that, and its my job to obey, not them. He has delivered me from drugs and basically a real nasty individual. I abused everything I got my hands on. But Praise the Lord I now work with many individuals poor and rich in seeking the Kingdom of heaven. Every day is a day of challenge, each one of us has our work in the Lord to do. I am learning daily to give God the glory in all things, good and bad. Obedience is better than sacrifice......
Hilda, I hear you. I've been there too. I pray for you, and me, and all of us that we will be patient and open to God's words and intentions for our lives - amen.
I had lost myself for a long minute now I am reading my Bible , studying it and learning from it again .. still I feel stuck I know Our Lord has plans for each and everyone of us I know he wants me to help others and spread his word I am just stuck at this moment, and I know if I continue to ask The Holy Spirit will led me to what Our Savior Jesus Christ wants me to do I just have to be patient and continue reading, studying his words .. and pray on it he will hear my cries ..
I'm starting to think that I spend too much time on my phone in Bible studies etc and I am not even picking up my Bible anymore. That's a problem
Stuck is an understatement. I have been a Christian for 46 years and it took me this long to come to this realization. I am not growing spiritually because I am not consuming enough of God's word. Too easy let other things stand between me and God. Look out world I'm growing up!
I think we all get stuck in many areas of life. We plateau and it becomes frustrating. That's where I like to have a community of people who encourage me. One person who encourages me is God through His Word. Even when I feel stuck, I know He's there to help draw me closer.
Great comment Sean! It's easy to forget that spiritual growth is just as important as all those other things we need to do during the day.
Sometimes life gets in the way of reading the Bible. I have to realize that if reading the Bible is important I will make it a priority and find time to read it each day.
The struggle for me is making the time (and the food analogy is great because I used to have days in which I did not had time to eat, literally). Sometimes I am so caught up in the daily routines that I forget that I need to have time for Jesus daily. Like when the reminders comes and you are in a meeting, or driving, or doing something with your child, I usually ignore it. It's true you cannot jump off a meeting but it should be the next thing you do after it is done. I pray to have the wisdom to understand this every day. Thank you for helping!
Sometimes I forget that growing spiritually is a daily thing. Thanks for reminder!
Being in God's word is so important. I can tell when I haven't been good in the area. That nurishment is so important.
I like the idea of focusing on growth when we seem stalled out spiritually. Thanks!
I pray that God will help me dwell in His Word so I won't feel as stuck spiritually. Thanks for this reminder.
What a great reminder. It can be difficult in the busyness of life to let other things squeeze out time to feed myself. Thank you for nudge!
This year instead of giving something up for Lent I have been challenged to give. Give more of myself to God, devote more time to Him, in the word. I can’t wait to GIVE more the next 40 days (and hopefully every day that follows).
I don't necessarily feel stuck, or stalled. I do struggle with my spiritual progress sometimes feeling ambiguous or perhaps dull as Hebrews says. As usual, I pray for myself and all of us to better listen and respond to God's words - amen.
There are definitely times when I need to hit the spiritual restart button. Thanks for the reminder Arnie.
It's interesting getting this video on Ash Wednesday when many are giving up something to focus on spiritual things. I need to make sure I'm getting spiritual food to keep growing my spirit.
Agreed! Daily encounter with His Word is so essential! It is our 'daily bread' that we have to feed on in order to grow in faith and closer to Jesus.