Waiting For The Unknown - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole


Bible Verse: Psalm 34:4
I prayed to the Lord and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears.

Reflect and Respond:

Prayer is such an important part of our lives as Christians, so let me remind you that God is listening today. He wants to free you from your fears. This is such a comfort, not only for ourselves, but friends and family as well. Reach out to someone by phone, text, email, or messaging today and see if you can pray with them, or for them!


Father, thank you for your listening ear. I do pray that you would free me from my fears (name them). Would you also help me to encourage others who might be feeling the pain of worry in their lives. May your glory be evident during these challenging times. Amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!

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When we seek God, he will answer us.
I love Psalm 34:4 - it's a great reminder for me today
Thank you for bringing me the opportunity to get closer to God through his scriptures in the bible. To truly introduce me to my history how I came to be and why I am here and what my future can be if I accept Jesus as my lord and saviour. My heritage through the lineage of David through Jesus. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to save his people me. The one nation under God individual and Justice for all. Gods children his church who reigns forever one body, one mind to reign for ever in perfect harmony. Amen
I think we are at a time when Christians need to really look at what God is telling us in his Word,this life is just temporary, the gift he offers us is eternal life, and not all who say they are Christian will enter that eternal life to be with the Savior Jesus Christ, we can not serve two gods, we can not serve money and all the trappings of this world and God, we have to choose now. We really have to step out and live by FAITH, we have to trust that the lord does value us over those birds in the field that he so graciously provides for, he will provide for us as well, we just need to have complete faith in him. I think we are going to see very shortly that we will be ask to take a "mark", that will enable people to buy or sell or even visit friends in other states, provinces or countries. We need to get together as Christians and be set apart and not live in a system that Satan is going to rule over with an iron fist. I pray for all those that are sitting on the fence with their faith and become fully committed to serving God, spreading his message and living by faith for him. It wont be easy, it will mean giving up the things we have grown so comfortable with, our jobs, our phones, our cars, all the snares the devil has laid out before us. I pray that this message gets to at least one other person. God gave me a gift 7 years ago, he came into my life and saved me from death, I don't want to be that servant that went and buried the one talent his Lord gave to him, I want to give him a return on his investment. Many are called few are chosen, be part of the chosen.May God bless you all and open your hearts and eyes to his Word, it is all in the bible, please don't let the leanings of men and their interpretations be your guide, let the Holy Spirit bring you understanding, please read Gods word. Thank you to those that got to the end of this comment, I love you all. Your brother in Christ, Ross
Thank you for the encouragement.
Well as you said 'waiting for unknown things' it might cause certain uncertainty. There's somethings i pray to my God: "Open our eyes to see his wonders at this time". Like the generation of Israelies who went into the promised land did not see the signs God performed.. Deut 11.3. I and the next generation need to recognise the wonders of our biggest God.
What a simple but powerful reminder. Thank you!!
This is a great reminder that God not only listens to our prayers, but also answers us. I needed that today.
Glad to see you back with encouraging messages. I did not see yesterday's msg til just now. Love this Scripture in Romans 8 and read together with Psalm 139 is so reassuring. We can trust in the Lord for He is faithful to keep His promises. One day this too shall pass. Thanks again God bless all of you!
Thank you for the Bible verse it helps out alot .. I Know in my heart God has us .. I put all my fears and worries in your hands Lord God Almighty Allah bless all of us
I'm not one who typically spends much time worrying BUT that has changed over the last couple days. I feel like I am in constant need of reassurance. Thank you for this pick-me-up and guidance to Psalm 34:4. I will definitely be spending time there today.