Video Wrapper Live Test 1 - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole

I am using this task for QA.  It has three players with different configurations.  

Mobile Test and Results (order and details are vital);

Opened to test task through YCM app - NOT in webkit, but in an open browser!!
Bottom video set to autoplay did not auto play
Middle player clicked did not play
Bottom player clicked did not play
** Upper player click - did play (!!! this triggers something !!!)
Middle player clicked twice - did play
Bottom player clicked twice - did play
Opened directly from > SLE > test task
Bottom video set to autoplay did not auto play
Bottom video on single click played
All other video player on single click.


It is starting to look like webkit is not the only problem.

The problem seems to be related to nested embeds. In other words, with the player is embeded in a plan, and then the plan is embeded into something else we have play issues.  And the issue can be as drastica as not player, to not able to autoplay.

Video Tools making first call to embed code.
Embed code via Embed Responsively. 


Video too first call to YT player
Set to Click to Play / CTP

Video Tools - first call to YT video player
Set to AutoPlay.

This is a test of the new video wrapper.  There are 3 bumpers and 3 pieces of content.  All are set to auto-play.  The last item is a quiz, and where the experience terminates.  To expedite you can scroll the content videos forward near to the end.  Then let the video runout to see the auto-play next work.