The OTHER Left! - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole


Bible Verses: Titus 3:2

“They must not slander anyone and must avoid quarreling. Instead, they should be gentle and show true humility to everyone.”

Reflect and Respond:

It's true -- other people make mistakes. But do you need to call them on it? What can you do instead?


Father, Your grace is sufficient for all my needs. Let me extend Your grace to others with great liberality, respect, and courtesy. Let this be in my mind today. Amen.

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This is an amazing way to lead by example - keep up the great work!
My Lord Jesus teach me to hold my tongue, stop, think and ask myself instantly, how would my Lord react.! I am a work in progress!
Help me father to treat everyone with respect and courtesy
Very good point of view
Yes I do find it helpful. Thank you. I guess even small mistakes when addressed to others can effect a relationship if it not addressed properly.
As a Christ follower should lead an example of leadship.
In my city is very common to laugh at others when they make a mistake, it's part of our culture. But in Christ i've learned to respect people who is wrong and i have the opportunity to teach them i do it.
Thank you for sharing I needed this today
Thank you
Thank you for your timely word Amen!
Lord, Thank You for loving me. Help me today to treat others the way I want to be treated with love and respect.