The OTHER Left! - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: Titus 3:2
“They must not slander anyone and must avoid quarreling. Instead, they should be gentle and show true humility to everyone.”

Reflect and Respond: It's true -- other people make mistakes. But do you need to call them on it? What can you do instead?

Prayer: Father, Your grace is sufficient for all my needs. Let me extend Your grace to others with great liberality, respect, and courtesy. Let this be in my mind today. Amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!
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18 days ago
I generally take criticism well; however, hardly anyone criticizes me. My husband is the only one that seems to have criticised me.
He is currently in a memory facility which it takes over 3 hours to drive to visit and then it is generally only 2 hours. Also he only can have supervisory visitation.
18 days ago
Lord Jesus, it is so easy to criticize others. Lord teach me Your way of being gentle but firm. Lord, Lord, help me to attack sinful behaviour in all of its forms and to become a good follower of God's Word, Amen.
19 days ago
"Lord, help me to have Your understanding and love for others. Give me a gentle nature, that I won't be easily angered. Amen."
19 days ago
Dear lord help me to curtail my words to others today when they make mistakes,because we are not all perfect. Amen.
19 days ago
As I heard this it shows me where I been wrong
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