Never Enough - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: James 4:2
“You want what you don’t have, so you scheme and kill to get it. You are jealous of what others have, but you can’t get it, so you fight and wage war to take it away from them. Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it.”

Reflect and Respond: Is envy causing you to "wage war"? What is it you need? Ask God to fulfill that need!

Prayer: Father, help me to recognize and let go of any envy in my heart. Instead, I ask You to fulfill my needs and restore my relationships with others. May Your peace reign in my heart. In Christ's name I pray, amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!
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23 days ago
Lord Jesus, keep me focused on the things which are above. Save me from the charms of this worldly lifestyle and let me not become jealous of things that are no good for me. Help me to be contented with those things which You have provided.
23 days ago
Glory be to God. Truth...Yes, Yes Lord. Amen, by the grace and help of God through Christ.
(Through Christ) I'm in process...
23 days ago
Sister Stefanie we have three fur babies but they are like our children. They stay close get hugs and kisses and return them back. For no greater Love is there or will ever be than that of Jesus Christ.

Second is our our dogs who bring smiles at all times unconditional Love hug's and kisses. Thus I'm sure you snuggle more than what you showed and said here. I guess my point what a Blessing that Jesus knew we would need these Beautiful dogs just as much as we need them. In saying this I do know know that all we have belongs to Jesus not us. I learned long ago not to be envious of another for God would provide my every need.

Though yes as a teenager I very much did want what other's had till my Dad said ask Jesus and He alone will provide all you need.
Thank You for being a Blessing and making my day a Blessing each time you do a video.

Blessings Indeed.
24 days ago
Amen Amen
24 days ago
I need your prayers for this issue as humans we all have a tendency to look at others so much almost to the point of obsession I've known people that have looked at other people's wives and wanted to are hoping that they will be divorced so they can marry their husbands and vice versa I've known people who've had neighbors including myself and family and kids something that I have yet to experience that I'm frustrated that they have it before me and that maybe God's telling me am I good enough and the liar is telling me I'm not good enough and thinking it's from the Lord so I'll be angry and there start speaking to my nose up in the air also a friend of mine or did that too she got married then I didn't see her for a very long time and when I saw her one time she just looked at me like she said she thought it was me I wasn't sure it was her and then one time one of her kids got off the bus and I thought to myself she's got kids she had all these health issues but God bless her she's a good daughter and respected her mom and mom went to be with the Lord and my mom went to be with the Lord but I'm thinking why is it always the other person and I'm so wrapped up in that maybe I'm doing something wrong I don't know but please pray for the Lord to help me and show me and please pray for me pray for Ross and me together again so we can be unionized in Christ so I can share the good news with you all and please pray for his soul to stay in the word stay in the word the Lord protecting from the she Devils that he doubles the relocation dolls also Praise on Monday one for him going to work everyday and protect them from the harm and also do that at the same for Julie but the Lord will protect her when she goes on these long walks and if the Lord to protect her from harm and peace pay for someone named Mr James that if you ever sees her the Lord will shield her or anyone else like her male also and peace pray for his soul for Jesus he's been a sweet talker for a long time but also a person is trouble pray for him to see Jesus also pray for his family issues pray for the Lord to bring Joyce with your husband in Christ Jesus and bring Bob some wonderful sons of laws and some blessings of his grandchildren is not met yet and future grandchildren pray for the healing between him and Charles and I need jealousies and may be there and pray for Charles D Uncle Charles as I call him that he every time he sees or hears from Ross he prays for him and me and that his love for the Lord will grow and that every time he speaks to him of the Lord speaks through him to Ross pray that Ross sees the word everywhere he goes everywhere he goes to pick up tea coffee a sandwich gets pair of shoes get his car fixed and prayed for his parents to pray for him and pray for me and love me and accept me I welcome me into his family and pray that the Lord of forgive me for being so angry and hustle and bitterness last few years and at the Lord will show me how to get back into school how to start working again and pray for the business to do well and pretty awesome for some properties to be sold but the Lord will bring Bob the right kind of buyers and sell for profit help the family and others who are in need and please pray for the Lord to bring back the car this year we need to go on the family vacation get away a little bit I pray that the Lord will show us how to do that in a miraculous and mighty way and bring new friends for Bob and get together with people again in Jesus name surgery eyes next month Julie's eyes tomorrow. Examination to go well no hitting illnesses pay for my knee and pray for an account form to be signed by Mrs B they will go through well with all these State interference no penalties in Jesus name amen
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