Listening Ears - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: John 10:27
“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Reflect and Respond: What can we do today to make sure that we are hearing God's voice and following Him?

Prayer: Father help me to lay my sinful desires at Your feet. Help me to seek you and turn away from my earthly struggles. And Father, thank You for Your steadfast love, and amazing grace.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!
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a month ago
a month ago
Amen Amen Hallelujah thank you Jesus for your unconditional love
a month ago
Thank you for this SSI a most important issue that we're all suffering from deaf ears not in the sense of people who have hearing disability we are not listening to one another we shall not scream raping complain worry anchor been in this jealousy please pray for somebody one for all of us who are out there and not listening to people who need help with me anything for Julie for that and prepare the Lord protect her she goes on walks and she goes down each day and listening to say put the same for me to give me the right words to say messages to send to my loved ones and our families can get together again I love the Lord will show him the air of his ways of happy will call Uncle Bob again and they will talk again regularly piece of bread and Ross more gives cheese and scriptures and love messages the left of life and that she will see messages of love that return to her that she didn't even know it and praying for him and her and seeing him on occasionally talking to him on occasion and pray for him on occasion praying for your regularly together again a victory in Jesus papers to listen to him and to love him supportive prayer floor ticket to move the she-devel the he double and a relocation double and unexpected time unexpected way double check this way and the answer is no what a capital and finishing double just trying to come into his space and that the love for Jay just Walters up in him swells at him swallows him with the hand of God and the love of God guiding him showing him he's praying for peaceful Falls chimney and Foundation if you get salable condition same with the car in the driveway and the other car is at this shop they will be restored and brought back to life Jesus name beyond the wheel in the near future and then the classes the G and Julie will pass to have a proper vehicle for them and then she will get that in the car that she's been looking up for a while with the Lord for a while in Jesus name that the Lord will not allow anyone performed against her shall not Prosper another kind of be up today and also the shop will be up today and profitable and the proper margin will be so large but it help hundreds of people with the family first and serving God and also some property that can be sold that the Lord will get robbed Mr Bob the right buyers and they do have the heart of God you are probably property appropriately pay for the Lord to have the property and has a large profit and that the Lord let the Lord will not allow the liar to be under that and only of God pray the same for our country to chase committee and the Deep group that they would do well this summer and fall and that the Lord will not allow the iron group to try to destroy her country and Jesus name amen amen and peace pray for the Lord to take care of the Charles B Ralph wsa they will be Victorious and also LC will be victorious in an upcoming events those are Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Arizona and pray for the Lord to show the man in Missouri EG he will not be able to win a race under false pretenses and also things that he needs to straighten out is the same for HW but she will come to the Lord and He will not be able to take over a position that
a month ago
Hallelujah, amen. 🙏
a month ago
Lord Jesus, thank You for calling me from my previous life to a better life lived through You. Help me to continue listening to You through Your Word by renewing my ear each day through You Spirit.
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