Internal things... - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole

This is a sample. Polish this, JM will review and edit Monday AM. Nicole will review Monday later in the day. Once we all agree we will show it to Arnie in a full group presentation. He will get feed back and then we will repeat the cycle until Arnie approves. - Leave Cara in the folder with 3 dots. Eventually they will (probably) have separate plans. - Stop naming things part 1, 2, 3. -- Naming should be topical, see my proposed changes. -- This is not a drip campaign in GT. It's a forward aimed group engagement in our new platform. - Eventually we will add dates once we know the schedule - see and join - When new episodes come out there is a way to email all subscribers. The ideas is that a new subscriber might go back, but we truly want everyone focused on what is new and coming to them from us. That is the ONLY way to get solid engagement. - All of us need to leave some comments, likes, etc... As examples. Please have your RS profile looking good.
We need to make a decision on how we refer to these series so that we name and shape a 'brand landing page' accordingly. Suggestions plus some visuals from Paula: 1) Today's Spiritual Lift: Encouragement for Your Daily Journey 2) Today's Spiritual Lift: Encouragement for Your Day 3) Today's Spiritual Lift Encouragement 4) Today's Spiritual Lift
Not sure why day 5 of Arnie's videos comes up with the gray image at the beginning. It seems fine on You Tube. We've tried reloading ...
@ Yulia: Not sure exactly how this fits, but the following is a 1st draft of the description of this platform: The race of life isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon, and that requires encouragement all along the way. That’s what our Spiritual Lift series is all about – encouragement to lift your thoughts, your spirit, and your hope in Christ, one day at a time. Each Spiritual Encourager will share a bible verse, plus some of their personal reflections to inspire you through each day of your spiritual journey. Click on the link below to choose your SLE (Spiritual Lift Encourager) …
@Yulia - here are the graphics. Paula
@Yulia - attached are the scripture passages, questions and prayers for Cara's videos. Could we consider putting the prayer after the respond portion? I ask because I kind of wrapped up the respond into the prayer, but let me know what works best. I'm still working on Arnie's info and will have it to you later today. Should I wait until we have the URL to upload the graphics? Thanks, Paula
@Asa, please create two cover graphics for this plan based on video bumpers: 1) - vertical or square (1080px by 1920px, or 1080px by 1080px); this one will be the tile on the main BRP page: 2) - horizontal (1200px by 800 px); this one will be used on BRP details page, url coming up. @Paula, - do we have the actual name for this initiative, like Spiritual Encouragement Series, etc? Need this to rename the brand and everything within this project respectively. Each day / episode skeleton is outlined below and can be filled with partial script (or transcript), with scripture mentions, etc. Please let Ben and i know if you have questions.
Asa will have Arnie and Cara's videos completed sometime on Monday. Plan to upload them on Tuesday.
Hi All, Please see Cara’s response below, looks like she will personally be responding! From: Cara Date: Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 1:48 PM To: Paula Lube Cc: Nicole Mierau Subject: Re: video series and interaction I don’t want anyone pretending to be me so I guess I will respond. <>< On Jan 16, 2020, at 10:42 AM, Paula Lube wrote: Hi Cara, Just checking in – your videos will go up on the encourager lift platform where watchers will be encouraged to add a comment regarding the main question/challenge. We can set the response with the following options: • You respond to all • You respond to some, and we have a “dummy account” in which we respond to the ones you don’t • We respond to all in your name. Let me know your thoughts and once the videos are produced I’ll send you a link to see them – they’re looking good! Paula Lube Producer Click here to see what goTandem has accomplished today P.O. Box 82808 | Lincoln, NE 68501 o 402.473.5122 |
@Ben, can you please create two gmails for Cara and Arnie, and add them as co-owners to this plan. They RS accounts will need their pictures. Passwords can be stored here:;t=y6vHdTABKTP I'll start working on the visuals for the brand and projects pages and will also need help with copy for those + Getting Started. Feel free to draft here.
Arnie video is uploaded.
I also vote #4 - I think it says it all.
I like #4 best. It's simple and to the point.
Ben fixed it.
Thanks, Paula - I used them up!
I think it's good for a start, and we'll revise as needed, etc. This is all one big draft for now, and we are all tuning this up into a nice end product.
Here you go: Cara details page: Worry/Cara: Arnie details page: How to Grow Spiritually/Arnie:
Paula, can you please add links to shared drive for images? high res image won't attach here because of the size/weight/res.
Thanks Yulia. All of Cara's videos are now uploaded to the CBE site. Asa will have Arnie's videos there before end of day. I'm having a bit of trouble downloading a couple images from Canva - I'll work on them later tonight -right now I have a meeting out of office. Paula
I like them all. I though we were using something specific in videos and that's why I asked. But if we are not yet using any of these, we have a bigger decision to make as a team. Because once we start publishing and promoting this content online, we want to deliver consistent messaging and terminology about the initiative.
I'll take a look but essentially we can shape this any way we want / feel best in terms of prayer / response order. You can upload graphics at any time, as this is just a draft for now. We will prep everything and tune it up with many approving eyes on it before we set it live. Thank you, Paula!
Here are a couple of options for the title. I realize some are long ... 1) Today's Spiritual Lift: Encouragement for Your Daily Journey 2) Today's Spiritual Lift: Encouragement for Your Day 3) Today's Spiritual Lift Encouragement 4) Today's Spiritual Lift