Hope in Discouraging Times - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole


Bible Verses: 1 John 4:14

"...the Father sent his Son to be the Savior of the world."

1 Timothy 4:10

"For it is for this we labor and strive, because we have set our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers."

1 Peter 5:10

"So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you..."

Reflect and Respond:

Don't let the lies of the evil one tell you that God doesn't care; that you're not good enough; that there is no hope! There IS hope in Jesus, and He offers himself to you today as your Savior. Trust Him today!


Father, salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ is the source of my hope. I lay my fears, my anxieties, and all my needs at His feet today, trusting Him to redeem my life in His righteousness, and light my way through any darkness. Amen.

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Yes. I am pleased to see people still with Faith up until now. Our lives are changing more and more. Struggle is in all families. I lost my son 6 months ago. My family turned away from me. I hen through mourning practically alone. My husband did not comfort me in the way I thought and need him. He has cattle and was very busy. No one know the pain until we live through it. Because I was left alone I dwelled in My Heavenly Father. I poured out my pain, tears , weakness, and lonleyness. He I’ll wipe the tears from our eyes and strengthen us. This is amazingly so true. I still am in pain and treats but not even close to the same as in the beginning. I asked my son to comeback for me and could not hear the thought that we are separated, TVs he had left me behind. So when I found myself alone, I turned to My Heavenly Fathers arms. I am so, so grateful to say, He has picked me up. There were ones I had the worst horrific expression of pain all very my face, but I could not shed a tear. I could not understand how this was able to be. This was Our Heavenly Fathers work. I still feel pain but it’s a controlled pain, and my tears are still there but not like a flowing raging river. I remember sobbing so much and just calling to the grown in sorrow. My son as wiped off the face of this earth, and I could not hear to know this fact. Our Father lete thing happen for a reason. This is true. So let’s look for Him, and ask him with all our faith to let us be his children once again. With a clean heart in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.
This will help me thorough the holidays ahead.
You O Lord are the Saviour of the world, especially of my world, which You entered to save me from my self. Without You Jesus, I would have been lost in a world of sin.
Thank you very encouraging message Amen
God have sent his Son to the world and to the believers.
God has sent his son to the world
I am a believer in Christ, of what God has sent his be a savior for the world.
Amen...Trust God...Our Savior!!! All will be well if we just put our trust in God!!
🌺Amen Hallelujah!  I am living testimony of this truth.  Even when it looks like defeat has crashed on me, I know without a shadow of doubt that I'm ok and that Elohiym is right here by my side.   This is my strength,  my fortress my Lord Jesus Christ.   Amen Hallelujah 🕊 ♥️
Amen ! Jesus you are my light and salvation in this dark world! In you I rest my fears and anxieties! With out you I’m lost ! Thank you for staying me even when my faith is so little at times ! In Jesus I pray!
What a great encouragement! Thank you for all the scripture. Especially 1 Peter 5:10.
The hope Cari speaks of is alive. I received a call from someone I did not know . The caller was concerned about a family member of mine. I was in a geographic place where I could not immediately confirm the callers concern. I had hope (in Christ) that everything was going to be okay . Two hours had passed . The callers concerns were realized . Today I can choose to be grateful. My family member is a daily reminder of the HOPE found in Christ .
Thank you Cari! It's a wonderful truth we need to hang onto every day.
Thank you Cari for this needed reminder!
Beautiful truth!
Amen🙏 ! Thank you for the timely reminder! What blessed assurance we have in Jesus, Saviour of the world!