Happy Memories - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: Proverbs 10:7
“We have happy memories of the godly...”

Reflect and Respond: What memories sustain you today as you think of a loved one? Share those memories with someone who will also appreciate them.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the memories I have of _______. Those experiences were blessings in my life. Help me to reach out to others with the comfort I receive from You. Amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!
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6 months ago ( updated 6 months ago )
Lord thank you for the happy memories of both my parents who are no longer here with us. Father help me to shere these happy moments with others today and always. Amen.
6 months ago
Lord Jesus, even though I am separated from many of my loved ones, because of the love You have placed in my heart, I am not lonely but quiet and fulfilled. Your love is capable of reaching out to my loved ones who I am thinking of.
6 months ago
During this holiday season, I give thanks for the memories I have of growing up with my family (Mother, Grandmother, sister, cousin and I). God knows it wasn’t the best but all those experiences has blessed my life and given me the opportunity to connect and be able to bless others through them. Thank you Lord!
6 months ago
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6 months ago
We lost my Dad this Thanksgiving and so the holidays have been very difficult this year. Plus my husband has been in jail since November 17. I wanted to just stay in bed all day yesterday, but I didn't. I went to go be with my sister and her family. So this verse is very precious to us and very appropriate.
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