Engage The Light - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole

https://youtu.be/gQFpVQ_GYz0 Bible Verse: Psalm 119: 105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Reflect and Respond: We can get spiritually lost so often. We lose our way and we can't find our way with the Lord. Let the Lord wash over you and shine down on you starting without delay. How can you engage the light today? What are you struggling with that you can give over to the Lord today? Prayer: Lord, please help me engage with you on a daily basis. Allow me to see that you are the one true light that I must be in communion with. Amen. Did you find this video helpful? Share with a friend or family member today: https://bttb.org/spiritual-lift-with-arnie-cole
Excellent Christian. And the Word of God is also light on your parh, because we need to look forward.
I must surrender to My Lord totally. Is what i recognise after i read the Word of My God.
What a great reminder of what we should focus on! Thank you!
Thank you for your encouragement for us to continue to walk in the light. We don’t have to walk in darkness, Jesus is our Light! Hallelujah!
Growing up with electric lights everywhere, I don't know that I completely appreciated the need for "a light to my feet". Then I moved to an acreage in the country and finally learned how dark nights can actually be. The image of that darkness and God's Word lighting my path is a wonderful reminder to engage with Him each day.
Fear and anxiety are so real. My life would be a mess without the light of our Father. - I can’t even imagine one day without His guidance.
Having camped in Northern Minnesota, I was very thankful for my headlamp to see when needing to walk in the middle of the night. I finally understood needing a lamp unto my feet so I didn't stumble on every branch and rock and a light unto my path so that I knew where I was going. I'm thankful for God's Word being that headlamp when I'm surrounded by spiritual darkness.
Sorry for the blank... I know that when I get in trouble it's started with.. I don't feel like going to church one Sunday, once. I do that it's easier to stay away the following week, then I read the Bible less til that light is fading. Thank the Lord that He keeps wooing me back! Stay in the light of His presence!
When you're moving by faith and taking one step at a time - that lamp is really important.
It is really easy to lose our way where we find ourselves in today's world that is full of fear. I want the light of love to shine in dark places.
I'm working to help others have what they need to stay connected in this challenging time. Lord, help me do the right thing - amen.
I find that once I've gotten off the path, it is hard to get back on it. This is a reminder that the scripture will light our way back to the path God has placed before us.