Don't Stir the Pot! - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: Proverbs 30:33
"As the beating of cream yields butter and striking the nose causes bleeding, so stirring up anger causes quarrels."

Reflect and Respond: Divisions are so ... divisive. Today, don't divide unnecessarily. Instead, be aware of keeping thoughts and conversation on track and focused on the important points.

Prayer: Father, help me to keep the peace and the focus on You today. Not myself, not others. Just You. Amen.

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13 days ago
thank you
3 months ago
I have been asking God to help me too keep the peace in all situations and to keep the focus on Him. He’s really been helping me each day.
3 months ago
I have been on the receiving end of this more times than I can count. I wish this wasn't the case!
3 months ago
Do not stir up anger which leads to quarrel. Good words to follow up with action. Lord, help.
3 months ago
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