Day-By-Day Focus - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: Philippians 4:8
“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”

Reflect and Respond: Think of at least one or two thoughts you can focus on today to keep your mind on your Savior and His love for you.

Prayer: Father, I need You each and every minute of the day. You are good, You are honorable, and You are worthy of praise. Help my tired eyes be revived to see Your glory today. Amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!
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a month ago
Lord Jesus, how my thoughts can stray! But I thank You that You have given me Your Word which restrains me. Help me to think on those attributes which please You and which You have given to me by the hand of Paul. Keep my mind clear and my thoughts pure, which I now pray, in Your name. Amen.
a month ago
Praise Jesus thank you with all my heart.
a month ago
Thank you God for your Word that encourages us.
a month ago
Answer this is something I need now I've had a lot of challenges in my life like many of us some of the lost family members to this virus to accidents to help unexpected stresses and please pray for my tummy I twisted a muscle when I was pulling something the other day that the Lord will heal me and keep me well and please pray for Julie that she will continue to heal and get better are Christmas this year is not going to be the same but I just trust that we put our emphasis on you Lord I remember that you're in control and Rome is 828 is not just a word it's a way of life and also please pay for Ross more someone who needs to realize the love of God and our love for each other can penetrate all those walls and lift up the spirit of loneliness from me and many others who feel that extra tug of loneliness because we're all been separated from each other for so long please pray for healing from my tummy my knee and my womb cleansing continue to pray for Bobby just urology that he doesn't have to be in the hospital for anything except for foot washing or scraping because of foot issues please take care of his eyes take care of him going and coming so I'm 91 and that the Lord will protecting for the money devil and the health devil in the new year and please pray for the account and the form that I need to finish that the Lord will make a way and show those that there's no penalty that I won't be penalized for for this form for the account and then I'll start to get my health care and my inoculations to the grace of God pray for Mrs Ann and her sister and family pray for Ms Jay pray for Mrs p going to Arizona tomorrow so I'm 91 safe journey going and coming pay for Mr c that's going to his family in Georgia to the grace of God please pray for the Lord will not allow anyone performed against them that shall not prosper and against us the Hampton home and the growing families that will be blessing by h in the near future that his daughter's come wives and mothers and Jesus precious name and pray that the Lord forgive me for acting out so much instead of hiding into my creative world and that the Lord knows my heart sometime I'm embarrassed to my behavior and pray for you pray for that God bless you all and Merry Christmas
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a month ago
Lord Adonai, I lift up to you in prayer Orient_east. Please incline Your ear to her prayers and grant her requests according to Your will and riches for Your glory. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen 🙏
a month ago
Dear lord thank you for your continual guidance on grace each day give me the strength to overcome the problem that comes along the way. Amen.
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