Christmas Songs: O Little Town of Bethlehem - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series


Bible Verse: Micah 5:2
“But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, who are too little to be among the clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to be ruler in Israel, whose coming forth is from of old, from ancient days.”

Reflect and Respond: What hopes and fears are met in Jesus for your life?

Prayer: Father, just as you chose the humble town of Bethlehem, and the humble birth of our Savior, You also chose me. Help me to realize the majesty of Your kingdom and all that You have called me to within it. In Jesus' Name, amen.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!
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8 months ago
Amen. Thank you lord foe all you have done for me.
8 months ago
My Lord, I am thankful that You were born in a little town, not well known, and was laid in a manger, not a soft one. That makes me feel like I am not forgotten because of my own humble beginning also. But You are the Lord of Lords, and You are able to make something of me, notwithstanding.
8 months ago
How wonderful listening to that song being played and sung, and in the prayer it says He chose me.
8 months ago
I have the hope of being saved by Jesus; I have this fear that My name isn't in The Book of Life. How do I deal with this conflict?
1 reply
8 months ago
Dear Kyle, Romans 10:9 if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. … V 11 for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
Dont believe the lies of the enemy Kyle, ask the Lord to give you Peace in your heart, He will never fail you!
One last verse from Isaiah 41:10, Do not fear for I am with you, do not be afraid for I am YOUR GOD.
Have a lovely Christmas Season
8 months ago
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