Blind in the Trials - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole


Bible Verses: John 9:1-3

“As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. ‘Rabbi,’ his disciples asked him, ‘why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?’ ’It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,’ Jesus answered. ‘This happened so the power of God could be seen in him. "

Reflect and Respond:

In your trials today, God wants you to know that He sees you and He is with you: "Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand." Isaiah 41:10. How can we pray for you today?


Father God, I pray that I would be a light to others even as You are a light to me. May I know your presence today and share your peace. Amen.

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Yeah, I too have had my fair (unfair, really) share of adversity which made me ask God: why me Lord, and how long, Lord? Little did I know that perhaps God was using my situation to demonstrate His power and authority. Forgive me Lord God for not recognizing Your move in me.
Jesua said to them, this man nor his parents sin, so that the works of God might be displayed in him.
Lynette, thank you for your heartfelt (and painful) response. We lost a baby a couple of years ago. My wife has "moved on" but still has moments of sadness. That's natural. She loves God. She trusts Him. And some days the pain shows up. I have counseled many people over the years. When it comes to the loss of a loved one, we grieve, which can take years. We miss them. So it is not just over. I encourage you daily to cast your cares upon God. Grieve. Mourn. And also give yourself permission to get better. It's a process. You'll never forget. You're not supposed to. But your hope for the reunion will grow and will help you in your healing process.
Natasha - we are praying with you for your family!
Julie - I pray for healing on your body today!
Natasha - I am sorry to hear of his passing! I am praying for peace and strength for the family as they grieve his loss! I pray they will feel God's arms around them right now!
Our son inlaw's son passed away suddenly yesterday. He's only 18 and he's like our grandson since we know him since he's little. It's so hard to comprehend and we know God has a reason. Please pray for the grieving parents, his brother as they're in such a turmoil at this time. Please pray for peace and acceptance. Thank you.
My son died in March and my mother in July of this year. I am having a hard time understanding how I can just ask God to take the pain and then I will have no pain. Please keep me in your prayers.
Praying for you to have a good day. I have the same type of physical issues that you do.
That is a good lesson for me. I too have struggled with this question of why bad things happen to good people. Thanks for explaining and for removing my ignorance about the power of God.
I would appreciate your prayers for healing of my body. I'm ill and it's very limiting. It's hard to be sick all the time. I have autoimmune illnesses and for now I'm in bed. Some days are more manageable than others. Thank you! God bless you!
Jesus said; not this man, nor his parents, that God will be done in him.
Ok I have physical issues a future tribulations, mainly, lifepartner.housing .income . And prayers for the tandem warriors amen beloved Joshua
Ty beloved sister
Hello guys, please help me to pray for my friend and her family as they are facing an impending storm in Bermuda and she had lived through a traumatic storm experience in 2018 with her young son. Pray that she will rest in the Lord.
Lord, thank You that You never leave or forsake me, You're a present Help in time of trouble. Thank You for Your unfailing love, mercy and grace.
I will pray for your family 🙏❤️
I am an alcoholic, my mom always wanted me to quit drinking. It wasn't until she passed away that I went into a rehab program and am now almost 16 months sober. I told my sister that mom's death saved my life. It is also when I found God again. Through her death and God's love, I live.
I pray that all churches will soon be open and that many people will flock to them in order to praise God and thank Him for His blessings. I know that many struggle with great difficulties in life, and I know that God is with them in their struggles. I pray that they all realize His presence in their struggle and give Him thanks and praise right where they are. I pray that He will bless our nation and our people and bring us healing from our anger, strife, and pain, and help us to see that our solution is in Him alone.
Thank you for sharing I have so many of those in my life to 1 is why do I and my husband not love each other so much that we understand and can fix the problem that we have but we are so different we can't even talk about them it just come into an argument why did God take my mom away from me before I could say goodbye
Praying for you Gail to be assured of God's love and to have His joy and peace. The Lord is near to all who call on Him.💖
Praying for you Steve to be comforted and to know the Lord is ever present with you and loves you. May you be assured of this today and each day. He has a wonderful purpose for all His children and seasons that He takes us through. Have faith and trust where He leads. "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. The righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all." Psalm 38:18-19
Praying for you and your family to experience God's peace and comfort during this time of loss and in the days to come. The Lord bless and keep you.
Last night we have a very sad family emergency and we loss a loved one. It's very hard for us to take it, to comprehend and we're sure God has a purpose. Please do pray for us. We do need your prayers especially at this moment. Thank you.
Yes I did. God is there for me even in my worsts of time. I just need faith and love of God and all people. I need faith first and acknowledge that God helps me in his time. Not mine.
Please pray for me as I deal with anxiety and depression.
I need to be delivered from depression. Thank you Jesus for my salvation.