Be Still - Spiritual Growth Encouragement Series - Arnie Cole


Bible Verse: Psalm 46:10

โ€œBe still, and know that I am God."

Reflect and Respond:

Find time today to meet with God in His word. Pray that His presence and promises might comfort you. Here are some extra verses to meditate on: Psalm 46:1-2, Psalm 71:20, John 16:33.


Dear Lord, I pray today that You would meet me in Your stillness with Your strength. That You would comfort me in Your presence with Your peace. And that You would heal me with Your power through the Name of Your Son, My Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Thank you for the message. Alzheimers and Dementia are rough on families.
Thank you God for holding us in our time of need.
My Lord, still me so that I can hear Your voice clear and sweet with Your comforting words which seek me out to come and abide in Your presence.
When we are still and know that he is God. He will be exalted Among the nations that he name will be great. He will be exalted in the earth, where my people praise and sing to his name.
so sorry. thank you for sharing...still praying
Will do... the years go by but the memories and grief remain. Praying
Will do, so can be so difficult,,,,God is there
so sorry and so difficult. God is near. praying.
will pray
so sorry, how terribly hard. will pray for you now.
Will pray Anthony. This is a tough time in the year and in your life.
Oh Joey, will definitely pray. Tough times for sure!
sounds like a tough time. I will pray for strength and peace for you
I am so sorry. I can't imagine.... Hugs and prayers
Thankyou. I just lost my husband...and i am a lost sheep. My world has stopped.
Thank you For sharing Just telling us That you would pray means so much it feels like I am already helped I lost my mom when she was 70 We have 2 beautiful children after those 2 I had 6 miscarriages So many thoughts Sadness confusion I had It has gotten easier thank the Lord for that
Father please Bless each of these your children in their time of hurt, pain, troubles. Please remind them each that they are family and that if their Dad left a will first by your law then the law of land their sister must follow Your law first then the law of the land. Please wash their sister clean of her selfishness and ugliness. Father Please Bless whomever left this request to Trust in You for all their needs. To let go surrendering it all to You Lord. This I Pray in Jesus Christ Holly name Amen. If you want to know any information on your dad's property go online to the property tax department in your state, county and it will show you what if any taxes are due. As well if there is a will ask to see the will as by law each of you are to see the will. If an attorney was or is involved they should have read the will to all of you. Pray on these issues and God will provide your families every need.
Another she may have but God Never will. Lord I Pray you will Bless Anthony fill him with your Healing Presence to remind him You have a Will for him and to trust in You completely. Please Lord draw near to Anthony give him the strength only You Father can fill him with; to wash his depression away replacing it with Your Love and Light in Your Gracious Blessed Holly name Jesus Amen.
Jeff in Jesus name I Pray He will fill you with His true Presence to feel him within your heart. Father I Pray You remind Jeff that You Lord are The One True Chief and Commander. That all things are done in Your Will, Way, Path, Perfect timing. Father Please replace Jeff's doubt fear with Your Love and Magnified Light. That Jeff remembers that You Oh Lord Our God provide our every need! Please Father ease his worry to trust in You knowing You will never Fail him and Your Promises are True today as they have been for 2000 years. Please Lord draw near to Jeff to show him that You already have this worked out for him. Please Father as I Praise and Thank You in Jesus Mighty name Amen.
I pray for strength, peace and calm and to feel God's presence in my life. I may have to move from a place I have lived at for 15 years. I am on SSD and I would greatly appreciate some prayers and I can find a decent place to move to and the means to move there. Thank you I pray you all have a blessed day. Jeff
Having spot of depression issues sin ce my wife left me. durning this Christmas season God is good please pray
Pray for my family. We lost our mother last December 11th, 2019, our sister March 27, 2019 and our father December 16th, 2018. My sister is in charge of the family affairs and she's not communicating with the rest of the family and gets ugly to me when I ask her for details regarding the taxes on the property so they can get paid and it's dividing the family and it's causing strife in the family. Please pray for her to do the fair and right thing for her brother's and sister's and to follow my father's wishes.
Praying for you Denise. I have dealt with family members with addictions and it's not easy. Just know GOD is faithful to HIS Promises and HE loves them even more than we do. May the PEACE and LOVE of GOD cover your mind and heart and HE strengthens you in Jesus Name AMEN. GOD's Word says, "Come unto to me who is heavy maiden and burdened down and I will give you rest. GOD loves you Sister.
Amen! Lord, thank You for inviting me to come into Your Holy Presence and be still. You know the desires of my heart, please strengthen and calm my fears as I rest in You. I surrender. Amen!
Thank you Jesus for getting me through all that you have,but please help me get over this depression, Thank you lord.
Lord thank you for all you do gor me, as I grieve the unexpected loss of my son. Tjrough ot all you helped me with tje pain and yes, though I miss him, my faith has strenghtened, as thy will be done, your will, your plan, you are always in control . I llok forward with love and so much faith ad I stay closer to you forever.
Praying for those who are mourning!
Denice, I pray our ever-loving God who is always near to us will bring calm, stability, and peace to you and your family. In Jesusโ€™ name, I pray. Amen.
Be still and know that I Am. Amen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ
Denice - I am praying for God to give you the strength you need today! I am praying for you to feel his presence and guidance each day. I am also praying for protection over your children & grand children!
Prayed for you Denice. May God Bless You.
Please pray for my daughter who is living on the streets. I have four of her six children. My son in prison. For me because I need encouragement, wisdom, and strength. Pray for financial control and the peace of God. Thank you for your ministry. Denice
Please continue to pray for our son inlaw who loss his son 3 months ago. Please let him know that God is with him and comfort him. Thank you.
Thank you , let me know my grief ten years ago was ok, and that God was with me . Please pray for the restoration of my family . Thank you โ€˜
Amen ๐Ÿ™.