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A Salty Warning


Read Genesis 19:26

But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

For context, read Genesis 18:1 - 19:29


The story of Lot’s wife is disturbing for sure. We don’t know that much about her. We know that she was Lot’s wife, she looked back on her city, Sodom, being destroyed, and she became a pillar of salt. Initially you may feel, as I did, that this seems like an extreme punishment for a seemingly small infraction. It doesn’t seem merciful of God.


But if we look closer and read the previous chapter for context, we will notice that God showed great patience and mercy to Lot’s entire family. In chapter 18, Abraham seemed to be questioning God’s mercy as well as he asked if God would really punish the righteous along with the wicked. From 50 righteous people, on down to 10, God proved his great mercy to Abraham by promising not to destroy Sodom if only 10 righteous people were found.


Ten righteous men were not to be found, of course. And yet, God showed mercy to Abraham’s nephew, Lot and his family. The angels asked for anyone else in Lot’s family showing their intention to spare anyone who had a connection to Lot. And yet, Lot’s very own future sons-in-law refused to take the warning seriously. And when Lot himself hesitated to flee, the angels grabbed him and his family by the hands to lead them out!


And yet, Lot’s wife looked back. What was so wrong about that? Looking back revealed her heart. It revealed that she was hesitant to leave wickedness and sin behind. She wouldn’t fully commit to moving towards righteousness with God. She had been shown great mercy. She had been rescued by the very angels of God! They grabbed her by the hand to take her to safety! And yet, she did not run toward God with her whole heart.


In Luke 18:32, Jesus commands us to “Remember Lot’s wife!” as He explains what it will be like during the time of judgement on the earth. When Jesus comes to judge this fallen world, we should grab His hand and flee. Like Sodom, this world has nothing for us. What Jesus has for us, is everything.


The WORD about this nameless woman is a warning that we would do well to take seriously. Jesus has already shown us great mercy. He sent His own Son to rescue us and gave us His Word to warn us. He only tarries His judgement in order that even more might be saved.


Sister, today you can step forward in faith. Grab Him by the hand, don’t let go, and don’t look back. Your old life of sin has nothing for you. Let Him lead you into safety in His glorious kingdom.



Is there any sin in your life that you hesitate to leave behind? Spend some time in prayer asking God to align your heart with His.



Lord, I know that all too often I hold my sin all too dear. Help to repent, walk away, and never look back. Take my hand so that I will walk with You in Your ways. Amen.

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