National Day of Prayer - FFCC Prayer Sharing

Today, Thursday, May 5th, is recognized as the National Day of Prayer. It's a great day to join with people all across our nation - lifting our hearts to the Lord in earnest prayer.


Psalm 150 (Praise the Lord)

God's word admonishes not just us, but everything that has breath to praise the Lord! Whether great or small, all creation sings praise in harmony to the Creator. He is worthy of our praise!

Psalm 150: 1
Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens!

Pray with me: "God, you are high and lifted up! You are the King of heaven. Your power is unsearchable. We praise you!"

Reflection &Surrender

When we acknowledge who God is, and give Him the honor He deserves, we see more clearly His work in our lives.

Psalm 150:2 
Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness!

Pray with me: "God, I am overwhelmed by Your goodness to me. You have shown your faithfulness to me time and time again. I acknowledge my need of your mercy and grace. I surrender to Your will for my life. I offer you everything in this life that you have given to me."


When we acknowledge God as Lord of our lives, He directs our paths. He blesses us in ways beyond what we ever thought possible. He gives us grace and keeps us as we walk with Him.

Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Pray with me: "Lord, grant me your peace in my heart and mind. Give me greater love for You and others. Help me to be filled with Joy, knowing that you reign in my life. Fill me with Your spirit so that my life is filled with praise for You!"

Join with us as we pray for each others needs:

  • Karen Ragone - Continued prayer for grandparents and Sam at school
  • Vaugelas, Evaudie & Ermithe Pierre - Reports steady progress in Haiti, continued prayer for their team in the field
  • Chris and Monique McGillaway - Pray for Chris facing challenging situation at work and mentoring his brother
  • Ron & Susan Vandermeer - Pray for Susan having stomach issues, wisdom for doctors
  • Frank Fallman - Pray for Frank as he battles constant pain.
  • Steve Koliski - Needs God's direction as he has several things around the home to take care of.
  • Ken & Tina Johnson - Pray for friends Paul and Sharon who are in Minnesota with their son who is battling Lukemia.
  • Ann Akins - Her son and daughter in law are doing well with the 2 girls, but not without bumps. Keep them in prayer that they continue to make good decisions for them.
  • Jeff & Danylle Ferrell - Travel safety for Jeff and Gracie
  • Robert & Amber Kline-Young - Prayer for Bev as she adjusts to new living arrangement.  It has been challenging getting her to adjust. They are preparing Bev's home for a garage sale, estate sale, and then sale of home.
  • Randy & Sandy Conner - Continued prayer for Courtney
  • Aleyamma Roy - Continued prayer for Proteek's health and for adult children salvation. She said all is well and was very happy her son attended Easter service with her.
  • Angel & Mitzi Rivas - Prayer for Mitzi to be able to move around more.  Prayer for Angel's back recovery
  • Dean & Melissa Hubbard - Pray for Melissa's epidural
  • George & Jane Riggins - Prayer for brother Walt
  • David  Spence - Dave and Alex are well.
Prayer List update - May 6th:
  • Linda Perkins - Pray for her brother Bobby who is in the hospital with a weak heart and fluid build up.
  • Alex & Jacqueline Chambers - Requests prayer for spiritual guidance. Considering travel to Jamaica for the summer
  • Vinnie & Courtney Mojica - Vinnie requests praver for personal health concern
  • Vaugelas, Evaudie & Ermithe Pierre - Continued prayer for their ministry staff in Haiti. Prayer for Pierre's upcoming visit with the doctor
  • Barbara Butler - Pray for recovery from outpatient surgery
  • Ron & Susan Vandermeer - Susan is doing better, but still needs prayer
  • Len Carpenter - Continued prayer for direction in retirement
  • Steve Koliski - Prayer the God will provide him direction
  • Ken & Tina Johnson - Prayer for friend's son who is battling lukemia
  • Jeff & Danylle Ferrell - Pray for Laynie, on crutches
  • Hank & Jan Rhodes - Hank had surgery on his hand, pray for healing
  • Randy & Sandy Conner - Continued prayer for Courtney
  • Angel & Mitzi Rivas - Continued prayer for Mitzi healing
  • Dalila Rodriquez - Pray for Dalila as she cares for her daughter
  • Tim & Susan Berkebile - Pray for Tim's recovery from knee surgery.
  • David  Spence - Prayer for surgery

Please feel free to share your own requests by commenting below:
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10 days ago
Praying for these needs.