Getting Started - John Verse-By-Verse


“The Word became human and made his home among us…” With these words John sets out the theme of his Gospel: examining the life of Jesus, God in the flesh. And being one of the twelve Disciples, John was uniquely placed as an eyewitness to the life and ministry of the Messiah.

From the hills of Galilee to the streets of Jerusalem, we’ll walk with Jesus and see his compassion for the sick and the marginalized. We’ll hear his confrontations with the Pharisees, and stand with John at the foot of the cross. Finally, we’ll witness the resurrected Christ and be challenged to share this Good News with all.

Dr. Harold J. Berry is a former professor of Bible and Greek at Grace University of Omaha. He served for many years as personal assistant to Theodore H. Epp, founder of Back to the Bible. Dr. Berry holds a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Divinity from Grace University.
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5 months ago
I am teaching the book of John right now in small group study. What great timing that I found this. Isn't God Great, and has perfect timing.