Getting Started - Galatians Verse-By-Verse


Getting Started…


What really counts when it comes to our salvation? Do we impress God by our religious works and pious actions? Or does salvation come in another way? These are the questions the Galatians believers faced which the apostle Paul addresses in this letter.


In this verse-by-verse study, we’ll read Paul’s direct and often pointed comments to those in Galatia who taught that salvation had to be earned through direct effort. We’ll be reminded of the power in Christ’s blood and the confidence and assurance we can have in His saving grace.


In this study of Galatians, we'll cover in detail all 6 chapters of Paul’s letter.


Dr. Harold J. Berry is a former professor of Bible and Greek at Grace University of Omaha. He served for many years as personal assistant to Theodore H. Epp, founder of Back to the Bible. Dr. Berry holds a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Divinity from Grace University.


This study was adapted from Harold Berry, “Study in Galatians” (Lincoln, Neb.: Back to the Bible, 2020).

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