Getting Started - Acts Verse-By-Verse Part 2


In the first twelve chapters of Acts we see the birth of the Christian church and the spread of the Gospel to the surrounding areas. In this part the focus shifts almost to the Apostle Paul and his missionary journeys which took him as far as Rome.


In this verse-by-verse study, we'll see Paul preaching in city after city, the hearts of many turn to God, and the dramatic events that led Paul to the heart of the Roman Empire.


In this, part two of our study of Acts, we'll cover in detail the last half of Acts – chapters 13 through 28.


Dr. Harold J. Berry is a former professor of Bible and Greek at Grace University of Omaha. He served for many years as personal assistant to Theodore H. Epp, founder of Back to the Bible. Dr. Berry holds a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Divinity from Grace University.


This study was adapted from Harold Berry, “Study in Acts” (Lincoln, Neb.: Back to the Bible, 2020); here are the links to both parts of the study:

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