Day 9: This Honorable Estate - 31 Days: Marriage Devotionals


Scripture Focus: Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. Hebrews 13:4


Traditional marriage vows often include the phrase: “Marriage is an honorable estate.” We draw this concept from many places in Scripture, including the passage above.


Yet in the 21st century, marriage is losing its place of honor. Vast numbers of couples opt to live together without seeking a marriage. Many divorced adults live with another partner as they consider the prospect or possibility of getting remarried.


Simply stated: Respect for marriage has greatly decreased in contemporary culture.


Against this backdrop of social values and common experiences, the Church does not need to apologize for calling us back to a biblical perspective. In fact, it’s time to do so!


When a couple chooses to marry instead of merely living together, they make a legal, social, cultural, and spiritual commitment. They set aside the idea that marriage is simply disposable --- “Let’s try this and see it if works.” Instead, they take a radically different approach to marriage: “We are in this together for life; no exceptions.”


It is entirely honorable to make commitments to your partner, and then keep them. There is no honor at all in hooking up or moving in together.


God designed marriage to be a special place, a sanctuary in which one man and one woman could share a holy, priceless, lifelong treasure. Marriage is where honor thrives. Vows are spoken and then lived; promises are made and then kept. Marriage, as God designed and intended it, is truly an honorable estate.


For your personal reflection:

  • Have you thought about honoring marriage lately?
  • Have you considered the many ways in which hooking up, or simply living together, dishonors another person and also dishonors his or her family.
  • Honorable people make promises and keep them; they enter into commitments and then are faithful.

Prayer: Lord, help me be a person of honor, a person who is pleasing in Your sight. Today’s world is flooded with brokenness and the lasting damage of unkept promises.

Please let me be a promise keeper. May I respond to others with grace and good will; may I never be prideful. Yet by Your power, may I live an honorable and holy life.

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