Day 31: Winning the Respect of Others --- Your Marriage Matters - 31 Days: Marriage Devotionals


Scripture Focus: Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to earn your own living . . . in this way you will win the respect of those who are not believers . . . I Thessalonians 4:11-12

In the popular movie, Dave, an American president pretends to have a good marriage. He and his wife smile, wave to the crowds, and attend public events together. Yet in private they have separately lives, varying between apathy and hatred for each other.

In politics, and to some extent in any arena of public life, appearances do matter. Yet by now most of us realize that the image we see on stage may not be matched by the private reality. We understand that politicians sometimes betray our trust.

In today’s world you do not gain points for your marriage by pretending to have all the answers, pretending to be a perfect couple, or by pretending anything else. Actually, if you manage to create the illusion that you’re perfect, you may end up depressing all those around you who are aware they fall short of perfection.

When we teach and train mentor couples in local churches, we look for couples that are confident enough to be vulnerable and open about their relationship. Not every aspect of your marriage should be public; we’re not looking for marital exhibitionists. What we’re seeking are people who have the confidence and the comfort level to let others inside the truth of their marriage --- including areas where they may struggle.

Paul tells us to let our private reality be this: We live quiet lives, we mind our own business, and we are hard-working and ethical people. To the extent that this is true, Paul says to the Thessalonians, we will win the respect of those around us.

For your personal reflection:

  • Have you ever been disappointed to learn that someone who appeared to have a perfect marriage or a perfect family --- really didn’t?   
  • Do you ever try to fool people into believing that your own marriage is perfect?
  • Can you admit that there are areas where you as a couple, even after years together, still need to improve?
Prayer: Lord, deliver us from pretending. What’s important is how things really are, not how well we create a successful public illusion. Help us to lead a quiet life, to mind our own business, and to be honorable in family and business matters. May we win respect because the reality is – we belong to You.

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5 months ago
Day 31 is a duplicate of Day 30. Should it be? They have different titles but the same content. Please help!
a year ago
Help me Jesus to Love as You Love, to reach out to others in your unconditional Love and Grace, that humbly we would Walk together In You, Amen. Suzy