Day 25: Marriage Builder Tip: The Power of Prayerful Hope - 31 Days: Marriage Devotionals


Scripture Focus: Love . . . hopes all things. I Corinthians 13:7-8


Married to an abusive alcoholic, Cindy (not her real name) feared for the safety of her children. She frequently endured injury and harm while protecting her kids. After each incident, her husband would promise to do better. Yet nothing ever changed.


Family and friends eventually convinced Cindy to move her children to a safe place, away from her husband --- a step she was reluctant to take. In response to her leaving, Cindy’s husband divorced her. Confused and afraid, this divorced young mother endured many months of wondering if God had abandoned her completely.


As she recovered from the violence and abuse of her marriage, Cindy began to find herself hoping that God would somehow allow her a new start. She prayed and hoped, asking God for a new father for her two young children. She asked God for a man who was serious about his faith, regular in his churchgoing, and trustworthy in character.


After a number of years of being divorced, God brought a man into Cindy’s life. The two eventually married and had a child together; meanwhile Cindy’s new husband proved an excellent father figure for her two previous children. The family put Christ at the center of their lives; they were a fixture in their small-town church.


Recently we helped Cindy and her second husband celebrate a major milestone in their life together --- a wedding anniversary. They’ve been married for many years now, long enough to be grandparents. Surrounded by a large and loving family, they celebrated the goodness of God. God blessed Cindy with a healthy and happy second marriage.


“I’m so glad I didn’t lose hope!” Cindy told us as family gathered near. “God heard my prayers and answered them. He even went above and beyond what I asked for!”


For your personal reflection:

  • Is there a situation among your own family or friends that causes you to lose hope?
  • Have you prayed, but not seen answers? Paul reminds us that love…hopes all things. As you pray and wait for God’s answer, hang on to your hope!

Prayer: Lord, sometimes my hope sags like a flat tire that has almost run out of air. Please re-inflate my hope today; help me realize that You are always at work, even when I can’t see or hear what You are doing. Help me keep praying, keep believing, and above all, help me continue to hope!

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