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Why Then the Law?


November 2


Read Galatians 3:19a

What then was the purpose of the law? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come...



If the law can’t save us, why did God give us the law?


One of my kids was getting ready for school the other day when I noticed his face was dirty from breakfast. I told him to wash his face because it was filthy but he said, “I don’t need to! It’s not dirty.” I laughed and said, “Oh yeah? Go look in the mirror.” He hopped off to the bathroom, checked the mirror, and a few seconds later, I heard the water running. He came back in a few minutes to show me his clean face, ready for the day. He realized his face had been dirty after all.


Friends, sometimes we do not understand how filthy we are until we check the mirror of God’s standard, His law. We don’t see what the big deal is. We think we are just fine. But we need to be shown our sin.


Galatians 3 says the law cannot save us. Think about it, the mirror doesn’t do anything to change us but it does expose our filth. But we don’t get clean unless we wash in the water.


So, what is the purpose of the law? It is to show us our sin. It shows us how we are supposed to live if we want to be righteous before a holy God. And yet, as we look at the law, we discover that our best efforts don’t even begin to come close to God’s holy standard. We can’t keep the law no matter how hard we try.


The law shows us our need for a Savior. That Savior is the promised Seed, Jesus Christ. The Seed who was promised to Abraham long before Moses was given the law. Let’s all check the mirror of the law today and then cling to our Savior, Jesus Christ.



God, when I compare myself to the standards in Your law, I see how I fall short. It reveals my transgressions. I can’t save myself. I can’t perfectly keep Your law. Thank You for being my Savior. Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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a year ago ( updated a year ago )
I came to know Jesus as my personal savior at 22, I am 70 years old now. He allowed me to serve Him in South America and Spain for 17 years. I still serve the Lord here in the USA. SO grateful that He still allows me to teach others fishermen and women as they go out to share the amazing news of the Gospel.
a year ago
Thank you Pastor Nat, for interpreting His words so well
a year ago
a year ago
Lord thank you for showing us our wrongs
a year ago
Only us humans have to decide:
We are either in the world or we are of the world.
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