Why Am I Here? - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Why Am I Here?


January 26


Read Ephesians 3:10-11

...so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. This was according to the eternal purpose that He has realized in Christ Jesus our Lord...



What is the purpose of the church?


Have you ever wondered why we are all here? What is the point of all of this? Secular philosophers have tried to answer that question many different ways and have come up with several different answers. In a quick Google search, I found many suggestions. Some say our purpose is to find happiness. Some say we are supposed to evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Others say our purpose is just to simply survive. Isn’t that one sad?


But we don’t have to wonder what the purpose of the church is because Paul tells us plainly.  The church’s mission is this - to make known the manifold wisdom of God. Manifold means multifaceted, various, or diverse. God’s wisdom is complex. Previously, Paul said it was “unsearchable”. It is deep and profound.


Once the wisdom of God’s plan for the redemption of His people was hidden, not only from mankind but from the angels and demons in the spiritual realm. But now, in Jesus Christ and His church, God’s wisdom is revealed to all. 


The church is not a building or a denomination or a man-made institution. The church is the body of believers in Jesus Christ. It’s a community of saints that you and I are a part of. And we should know our purpose. Collectively and individually, our purpose is to glorify God and demonstrate His profound wisdom to the watching world.


Paul also says that this purpose is eternal. God did not come up with this plan on the fly. Before the foundation of the world, God planned to save His people through His Son, Jesus Christ. It has always been Jesus’s purpose to save us and our purpose to make Him known. Friends, let’s live up to our calling today.



Father, Your wisdom is awesome and Your plans are good. Thank You for Your gift of salvation. Strengthen and equip me to make Your wisdom known to the world, just as You intended. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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Thank you so much Pastor Crawford for informing me that I am part of God's plan in making known His manifold wisdom. As an integral part of Your church, Lord please help me, through the Holy Spirit, to play my part in reaching out not only to rulers and authorities, but also to my fellow man as well, in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
I am always inspired, uplifted and filled with hope when reading God's Word. God's Words are deep and profound, that is why I read "His Word." I am learning, and still have so much more to learn. Jesus's purpose is to save us, and our purpose is, to make Him known. How plain can "He get." I must learn to listen more and do my part as a believer. God's wisdom is revealed to all and He promise to be accessible. Thank you Pastor Crawford for your inspiring words.
Very relevant message in the ministry I am facing today...... thank You Lord Jesus for reveling to us who You and reminding us of our role as a church. I am into Pastoring a small Church.
Heavenly Father there's nothing greater than Your Mercy's and Grace made New each morning. Lord nothing better than You! We Praise You for Your wisdom, Strength, Faithfulness, Promise keeping, Salvation for again Lord there's nothing better than You Lord. Please Father remind us that We Are Your Church not the building we gone into. We are "one" because of You Mighty God. Each new day Lord Bless and give us Your Wisdom to share and be known with each one we meet. I Praise You, I now only for You Lord. Please Bless and meet the needs of our brothers and sisters here in Back to The Bible Your Holly Truth and Love story to we Your children. In Jesus name Amen
Joseph remember that all things are done to "His" Will not ours! Joseph that fact that you asked, repented means you have already been forgiving, God knows your heart brother. May God Bless You and fill you with His true peace in Jesus name Amen
I pray the same. For Us All😇
Joseph, you are already forgiven by Jesus blood. You are righteous in the eyes of our heavenly Father. Be righteous in your own eyes, too. Praying for you
Dear Heavenly Father, Please let us not get so caught up in seeking out what our purpose is in You that we miss the opportunity to fulfill it. Holy Spirit, guide us to simply accept , receive, and abide in Father's will for us. Help us to See that who we are in Him and how we live each day may simply be enough. Let us never forget that the profoundness of our Love for Him, and His Love for us, may be our purpose. Amen
Thank Pastor Nat this is the most needed for today.
Thank you. Vet helpful. Learned we, the believers in Jesus are the church, not a building!
Thanks for that bit of we wisdom I certainly needed it.
Father forgive me for my hypocritical ways ! As a Christian I have not acted as ! The political and. Lawlessness on the innocent has saddened and made me angry! Forgive me for my iniquities and sinful ways ! Amen 🙏✝️🇺🇸
Thank you brother nat that prayer was much needed. GOD BLESS.
Our mission in this world and the world to come is to glory the Lord of All! Blessings, J
awesome! Yes, help us Lord, to make Your wisdom known to the world. amen
Glory be to God. Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Great study! Thank you for sharing!
Great words to reflect upon, thank you! Digging a bit deeper, “Manifold” in Greek is “polypoikilos” which is also used to signify “marked with a great variety of colors”. As the church, Body of Christ, it is our collective purpose to reflect His “great variety of colors” into the world. While God charges us as the body of believers to reflect His multifaceted wisdom, it is us as individuals who reflect daily a tiny ray of light or sliver of His manifold wisdom into the world. Father, I pray that you give us this day the courage and wisdom to reflect your Glory into the world....please give me the strength to fulfill Your Will. Praise be to God!!!!
Thanks to God for this message. Our purpose is clear and direct. I will carry it out. Giving adoration to God.
Lord God, Thank You for "the Plan of Redemption You had for mankind, before You laid the foundation of the world ". Thank You for sending Jesus our Redeemer to set us free from the bondage of sin. You have given us a new life and a purpose, and we rejoice and give You all the glory! Empower us with wisdom and understanding to proclaim the " the Good News" to the world! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen🙏.
Lord my Redeemer, through You I have salvation. My thoughts become scattered when I try to put You in context because You just are. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
We are here to tell people the gospel and to share the wisdom of Christ. Our body's die but our lives are eternal!
Thank God I'm save through his son Jesus Christ, The son of the living Godand his purpose for all man kind.
Amen, God is Amazing🙌
It is amazing to know that we exist to show God’s glory and wisdom. A painting that is really beautiful demonstrates and shows how great the artist is. The painting shows the painter’s glory. The church is God’s greatest work and gives God His greatest glory. We are part of this amazing glorious reality. Lord Jesus please perfect us to shine in your glory. Our greatest joy is experienced in your love flowing out of us to everyone we meet. Amen
Very interesting and tral.