Whom do you love?


September 24


Read Exodus 34:14

Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.



Why is it right for God to be jealous but a sin for us to be jealous?


Have you ever wondered why God declares Himself to be jealous? We don’t tend to think of jealousy as a positive trait. Isn’t jealousy always a sin?


Not necessarily. When I got married, I vowed that I would keep myself only for my spouse. If I committed adultery, wouldn’t it be appropriate for my wife to be jealous and angry? In fact, it would be a little suspect if she wasn’t. If infidelity didn’t upset her, people would probably question how much she actually loved me in the first place.


Just as a husband or wife deserves and expects the faithful devotion of their partner, so God deserves and expects our complete and undivided devotion. He loves us so fiercely that He wants us all to Himself. When we follow false gods, we commit spiritual adultery. God has the right to be jealous and vengeful.


But unlike human jealousy, God’s jealousy is untainted by selfishness. Rather, even in his jealousy, He shows us how much He loves us. He knows that He is what we need. He knows that He is what is best for us. No other thing we chase could ever fully satisfy us. No other god could ever care for us or save us. He is the only one who can provide what we so desperately need. And yet, we often stray from Him.


Friends, God not only deserves our absolute allegiance, He desires it because He knows that a relationship with Him is not only what’s best for us. It was what He made us for.



LORD, I know that You deserve and desire my complete devotion. And yet, I am prone to wander. Turn my heart back to You all the days of my life. Thank You for Your unfailing love. Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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Thank you for the message.
Lord Jesus, I thank You for loving me with an infinite love and being jealous over my love for any other above my love for You.
Excellent exegesis Nat, thanks!
You shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a Jealous God.
The Bridegroom is coming. Holy Spirit keep me alert while I wait. The hope I have is so precious, keep me from wandering. Thank you for Your unfailing love. "Come Lord Jesus."
Yeah¡ i see that it is another way of my God's love and it helps me like a motivation to guard in my heart.
You are God Almighty! My God , God of earth , the universe, infinity! The first and the last ! The only God ! The only way to god is through his Son Jesus Christ my lord and savior! Amen ✝️🙏🇺🇸
Nat, thank you for the daily devotionals. I go back many years with Back to the Bible. Wilbur Nelson was a favorite morning radio program that I listened to 50-60 years ago.
Very good admonition, Pastor Nat Crawford. Appropo for all followers of God. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
The saving Grace of God Almighty is too much for us to divide our love for something else. As for me all of my HEART, SOUL AND ALL MY DESIRE IS FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS AND HIS FATHER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN AND AMEN.
I need You Lord. Forgive me for sometimes straying from You. Thank You for forgiveness that surpasses All understanding. Lord guide and strengthen me, putting me in my rightful place. I love You Lord, in Christ Jesus name I pray, Amen
Amen, lord
Thank you for sharing Pastor Nat. Your explanation made it easy for me to understand the difference of Gods jealousy and humans'.. Praise God.
Human jealousy is wanting what someone else has. Faithful devotion to God is something else so this was a little confusing for me. I want my #1 loyalty to always be to God. Is it always, no. Many times my loyalty or thoughts are of what can give instant gratification. Something tangible. Lord God, please forgive me. Teach me to wait better. I love you Lord. In Jesus' Name Amen ❤️🌷🌱🙏🏼
Thank you for your unfailing love Lord
Thank you pastor I thank God for this beautiful day
Wow!! God's love is truly amazing! I'll ponder this "truth" today. Thanks for sharing Pastor Nat! Lord, thank You for Your unfailing love for me. Forgive me for all the times when I 'messed up' and choose to worship "the created instead of the Creator". You alone Lord is worthy of all adoration and praise! I love You Lord!
Thank You Lord for loving me the best. In You I know true love. Praise God for Jesus, loving me enough to die for me.
Yes God wants what is best for us and that is himself. To see and experience his glory is an amazing thing. We can see glimpses of it in nature, in animals, in people, and in scripture but when we see Jesus face to face he will satisfy our greatest longings forever. Praise you Lord Jesus. Amen
Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Thanks God in Jesus name it's your right to be jealous I love you too with all my heart and soul. Please fill me up with your Holy Spirit. .