Troubles With Our Tongues - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Troubles With Our Tongues


August 10, 2020


Read James 3: 9-11

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?



Take time to examine your speech. Do you have control over your own tongue?


In high school, I worked as a nursing assistant at a nursing home. One day, I was talking with a coworker about a Christian concert that had been hit by a storm the night before, and the stage collapsed. I remember her saying, “Well if anyone deserves it, it’s those people. It was probably God smiting them. He probably laughed and said, ‘Serves you right, hypocrites!’”


I remember being shocked. I asked why she felt that way. She said Christians are always talking about how much they love God and about what they believe is right or wrong, but then they go around talking about people behind their backs and acting better than everyone else. She said they call other people sinners but then turn around and sin with their very own mouths.


Friends, this should not be. And yet, I know I am not innocent of gossip or slander. We are Christians, but we are still works in progress. We aren’t yet perfect, as He is perfect. Still, we should carefully examine ourselves in this area and ask for the Holy Spirit to help us control our tongues.


The fact is, our lack of control over our tongues can destroy our witness for Christ (along with destroying others). If you call yourself a Christian but do not talk about others or to others with love, you are marring the reputation of Christ followers everywhere. Worse, you are speaking against someone that God made in His image and dearly loves. How can we call God good but the ones He made bad? How can we say we love God but speak hatefully about our brothers and sisters?


I often hear Christians say they are just speaking out against sin and calling it wrong. But I see hateful speech displayed all over their social media. It seems to me that their methodology is wrong. The Bible never says to condone or accept sin. It also never says to attack sinners with your words. Hating sin is not wrong. Speaking hatefully to others or about others is.


Today, surrender your tongue to God. You cannot control it. Thankfully, God can.



Father, I know that I have sinned against You by speaking against a person made in Your image. Please forgive me. Help me learn to be careful with my words and to speak in Your love. Amen.

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I have a problem with this. I see individuals who claim to be in Christ, yet, by virtue of their attitudes, their conduct, and the example they set, I sometimes think, "They can't be Christians; They're not acting like it!" How do I properly deal with this?
Amen I'm thankful for everything! God bless everyone! No matter what they or whatever they are!
I also wanted to add my gratitude to Pastor Nat. Thank you for posting this daily devotional and leading this series of Bible Studies. They are helping me to daily grow in Christ and relieving my sense of fear and replacing fear with joy and peace.
Thank you for this devotional today. Thank you, James, for writing God's Word in the Bible, to remind me that I am a work in progress, to choose to express myself in works and deeds given to me by God, to give all glory to God always, and to sow peace through humility and grace in God. For all the glory and the honor and the kingdom and everything belong to God. In Your Name, God, I pray. Amen.
I'm thankful for this devotional today.
The mouth have the both blessing and coursing, can the water pour out both fresh and salt water. Think about this when are doing the same thing.
Yes Lord ! I as well am guilty of using fowl language! I easily get frustrated of the nonsense that’s going on in today’s world ! Especially the politicians that make policies! ! Help me to pray for them that they have a change of heart and to do right by the people they represent! ✝️🙏🇺🇸
I thank you father in Jesus name so, for your love and your patience with me. And I asked you to help me to control my tongue in Jesus name amen.
in the name of Jesus help me to control the Tongue.
Thanks touch home I have just repented of it hopefully never to repeat this
Thank you 🙏🏻
Holy Spirit help us, flesh and blood cannot do it in Jesus name.
Amen,Help me Lord to control my tongue
Yes, Lord help me control my tongue from gossiping
Thank you for the reminder that I am a work in progress - I pray that I would be an example of God's grace and kindness to all I meet
Needed this " self examination checklist" reminder today! Lord, forgive me for speaking negatively about others. Help me to control my tongue, and "may the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Lord, my Rock, and Redeemer". (Psalm 19v14)
Heavenly Father, please help me to gain control of my tongue, it is a daily battle with me. I know that I can't do it without your help, Take control. In Jesus name I pray.
Lord deliver me from negative thinking, critical judgmental thinking and words, and blaming others. Let the words of my mouth and the medication of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my salvation.
This is deep and the scripture is looking at me. No excuse or cover up Oh my God I desire to change, I am a work in progress, as Jesus ambassador I should represent him fully with all his attributes. I must die to all that is unchristlike. Help me God
Amen so true,Father help me,to speak good words over others.
Heavenly father help my words to be pleasing to you when I speak about others. I repent of any negative words that I haven spoken over others please forgive me. In Jesus name. Amen
Father, forgive me for every slander, gossip or hateful words I have spoken. Holy spirit help me to control my tongue and thoughts as I navigate this world. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Thank you its so true with tongue I pray God helps me with it
God, help me to say nothing when I have nothing worthy to be said.
God help me to hold my tongue against my neighbor.
What does speaking the truth in love sound like? Is it gentle, slow, soft words? It seems so difficult to love in a way that doesn’t hurt or offend. Our heart controls our tongue so our heart has to be filled with the love of Jesus so we can speak the truth and have it penetrate the heart of the person who needs it. If our words are not coming from Jesus then they are just words that leave our mouth and cause trouble or useless! Lord Jesus help us to us our tongue for your glory. Amen
We all struggle in that area wherein we try to obey God, but on the other hand, in that split second, we tend to forget to say the right word, Especially if we are mad or in a foul mood. I tried practicing that of thinking before speaking, but again, tend not to do so. I kept on reminding myself that if I am mad at something, instead of trying to answer back, I am practicing to have a conversation with the Lord, and praying to give me, with the help of the holy spirit, words of wisdom to answer back in the right manner. It is difficult, but then, we are all Christians living in a process of growing to be like him day by day, no matter how difficult it may seem.
Almighty God help me to control my tongue it's a little member that can be very unruly....I surrender my tongue to You today Lord
This devotional was such a good reminder for me. The tongue is sharp and swift making it dangerous and hard to catch.
When someone says mean things to me it hurts and I try to forgive it’s hard
Hallelujah! I am not perfect by no means, but this is one thing that I have worked hard on. I just want to be even better about it. I pray my fiancee can get better 🙏 about his tongue soon.
We better keep our mind password in our hearts & before we retrieve the password let's sift & filter Spiritually any comments or discussion coming out from our mouths, Eugene muigai,Kenya.
I appreciate this post today. We must remember to ask God to lace our tongues daily with words of LOVE and encouragement. Having the right motives are important..
There are so much things to pay attention to in our walk with God. It is surprising the things overlooked are the very things that costs us our lives. May we ask God daily to forgive our sins unknown and walk with us for we cannot walk alone.
Amen. We must watch our tongues. That tongue can be very dangers at times. We must seek God at all times about this tongue. Thank you for the word that was given.