There is No Other - Your Daily Forward Devotional

There is No Other


March 5



Read Isaiah 45:5-7 (ESV)

I am the LORD, and there is no other; besides me there is no God; I equip you, though you do not know me, that people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the LORD, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the LORD, who does all these things.



According to this passage, what is God in control of?


When you consider things that are going on in the world right now, does it bring you anxiety or peace? There are plenty of anxiety-inducing issues all around us. But there is one fact that trumps them all.


God is in control.


And because He is all-powerful, we don’t have to be afraid that God can’t handle it. In fact, we can be sure that He is using every event that takes place for His sovereign purposes.


In today’s verse, Isaiah prophesies that God would raise up a pagan, Persian king named Cyrus. Through Isaiah, about 150 years before he became king, God was telling the future Cyrus that He was going to equip him and grant him success so that he could build a great empire. Isaiah mentioned a future king by name before he even existed and told him God’s exact purposes for him.


God had a special plan for Cyrus to carry out. Isaiah prophesied that Babylon was going to invade Judah and carry them off into captivity. But, well before Babylon had even invaded, God also told Isaiah His sovereign plan to bring His people back home from exile. God was going to use Cyrus to set the exiled Jews free and rebuild Jerusalem.


What a faithful God! Before He rightly punished them for their sins, He already had a plan to bring them back home to Himself and orchestrated events to make that happen. This is evidence that God never has a half-baked scheme in mind. He knows exactly what He’s going to do, how He’s going to do it, and who He’s going to use. Then, He strategically orchestrates events to make His plan happen.


In talking to King Cyrus through Isaiah, God emphasized that He is the LORD and that there is no other God. He credits Himself as the One who brings good times and hardships. Always for His purposes. He made a point to let Cyrus know that he was merely God’s instrument and that without Him, Cyrus would not have been equipped to accomplish anything.


Friends, the LORD is God. There is no other. We can be at peace knowing that He is in control. He has a solid plan. And that plan has always included a way for us to return to Him. Through Jesus Christ, we can return to God. And right now, God is orchestrating current events to bring about His Eternal Kingdom. Let’s trust Him and be at peace knowing that He’s got this.



God, sometimes I don’t understand what You are doing. I can’t see from Your perspective. But I know from Scripture that You have a plan and that plan includes bringing me home to You. I know You have it under control and I trust You. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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Lord Jesus, You have always been a great planner with perfectly laid out ideas. I want to be a part of Your plan and I want to work that plan to accomplish Your divine purpose, in Jesus' name, Amen.
AMEN. Praise GOD.
We all struggle the difference is remembering that you have or I hope you have accepted Jesus Christ. It's ok not to be ok because God is with us always, Trust that and know when the evil one knocks look up and say not only today but never devil, I Am A Child of God! You need not ever wish for you must remember Jesus is Alive within us and will never leave nor forsake us. Rise up I say and again remember You belong to Jesus and He belongs to You. We will keep you in Prayers just now even not knowing if your our Brother or sister because we are "One" Family Jesus is Eternally The Head. May God's Peace fill You for it is yours to feel if You ask. In Jesus name Amen 🙏
God starts and Finishes our Day with Love. Amen!
There was, There is, There will always Eternally be One True Chief Commander and in Control, what Mighty Powerful Awesome God The Only God we will ever serve, In Jesus name Amen
Amen! God has a Purpose for all our lives if we would only listen to Him!
Yes Cynthia He is but oh He is Our God as we are "One" Family, He was, He is and He will Eternally be The Head. Hallelujah He Live Praise Jesus Amen
It should not be fearful bit Loving. For fear you shall not have of this world for Jesus has overcome the world. Fear and only fear we have us He and only He though Jesus tells us not to fear Him. May God Bless you and keep You always in Jesus name Amen
Praise God!
Thank you for the reminder I needed it today
God always has a plan 😀
God alway
Wo fearful devotion.
Yes! God is in control.
He certainly does "Got This"...always! What a great God we serve.
At times life throws us a one-two punch we never saw coming. Whether we stagger , grab onto the ropes or fall we are in a great position for God to carry us through. He never leaves us down for the count! We serve a mighty God!
What a wonderful timely message, Pastor Nat! And I firmly believe our God Is in control and always has been and always will be. Thank you and me He bless you and your Ministry abundantly. Hallelujah Jesus is alive!
My God is awesome God, he is always there when I need him the most.
Lol. No worries! I just thought it was funny! Have a great day, James!
Very timely reminder that God is in control. Have to remind myself daily not to fear anything because God is in control.
Thank You Lord
Thanks, James! Great thoughts! And, just as an FYI, it's Pastor Nat. But don't worry...I've been called much worse than Dan! Lol.
Sorry...Pastor Nat
Very timely Pastor Dan! I was just thinking this morning of all the terrible things I did before I was saved...and how the Lord used them to bring me to the place where I would accept Him as my Savior and Lord...and then this devotion comes! Thank you Lord for - Your plan and Your ways are not my ways or Your thoughts not my thoughts. As high as the heaven is from the earth Your ways are not my ways nor Your thoughts not my thoughts" - J
Lord help me to trust in You at all times.
Very encouraging!
Glory be to God. Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Just knowing God is in control help me to be at peace in trying times.
Thank you for this inspiring devotional
Thanks for the message Pastor Nat, It’s timeless and constant reminder of the majesty of our Heavenly Father , always needs tobe shared in times such as we are in. May the Lord bless you always. YBIC
Thank you Father 🙏🏻
Good way to start the day
Loved this devotional...our God is in control!
Jesus Christ please help us 🙏🙏🙏
“God is God, and I am not,” as one Bible scholar likes to put it to remind us that we cannot always understand God’s plan nor ways. Though God is always in control of every aspect of His creation, it is easy for us to sometimes lose hope or feel discouraged by the degrading world. That said, we need to remember that aside from always being in control, God - via His Son - never stops calling for us to join Him, even until the end of this church age., Jer 51, Rev 18. Despite our flaws and sin, the Creator reminds us of His love. Father, please give us, Your children, the strength to persevere in the world until you send your Son to reestablish Your Kingdom...Amen.
Yes, it's all about trusting in God!
I’ve felt the same many times. What gets me through that feeling is knowing that the devil is a liar, he comes to seek and destroy...BUT...our God is bigger than the devil, he only has plans to prosper you. You have to read and re read about how he feels for you in his word. I do it when I’m feeling down and it reminds me of how much he loves me, even when I feel unlovable...We are saved by his grace, one time,for all of time! Hold your head up high, the Lord your God loves you and went on the cross for you. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and remember who He is and what he’s done for us. Hang in there. Prayers sent your way. J.
God thank you for offering eternal life through your Son Jesus Christ.
Heavenly Father, You are always working things out for good. You knew and planned what would and is happening in our lives. You are in total control over everything. I want You guiding and directing me always, keep me on the straight and narrow path that leads to You and bring all the praise and glory. Thank You, Father. I love You. I pray this prayer in the mighty name of Your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen, Amen, Amen.
It brings me peace to know that God has a plan and is in control!
I get that way sometimes. Overwhelmed by my past sinful life. Fearful that America has seen its best days and that we will be destroyed because America is now the epitome of Sodom and Ghomorah. But we should look up and take strength and acknowledge tha tge One True God is sovereign and goid and in control. We need to hang in there.
I been struggling and dont know why and I been doubting fearful that I have disappointed God. I don't like this feeling even though feelings aren't facts I just wish I knew what He was doing and know that He is pleased with me for at least trying and not giving up prayers plz and thank you
Thanks God for his forgiveness for all our sin. What a mighty God we serve
Lord Jesus I pray that your plan for me is to glorify your name in everything I do now and for evermore. God doesn’t plan on making broken eggs scrambled eggs, He planned on making scrambled eggs from the start. The trials and temptations we experience are for us to learn and grow in. God never waits for something he doesn’t know to happen and then responds. He is always working for good for those who believe in Him. And he has planned that from the foundation of the world. It is us who have to desire to know his plan and work it out. Jesus thank you for choosing me today to believe, how do I know because I desire you. All for your glory Jesus. Amen