The Gift of Serving


January 22


Read Ephesians 3:6-7

This mystery is that the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same body, and partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel. Of this gospel I was made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace, which was given me by the working of His power.



According to this verse, how does Paul view his mission to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles?


Put yourself in Paul’s shoes for a moment. Paul had faced significant challenges in His ministry to the Gentiles and now he was imprisoned for His obedience to the Lord. And yet, he said that he was “made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace”.


Despite the challenges and the hardships, Paul viewed his calling to ministry as a gift. He credited God’s grace for allowing him to serve in this way. Given Paul’s past as a persecutor of Christians, Paul certainly didn’t deserve such a high calling. Paul rightly acknowledged that God chose him to be His servant because of God’s unmerited favor and kindness.


But God didn’t just choose Paul for such an important task and then abandon him. Rather, God equipped and sustained Paul to do the work that he was called to do. In His grace, God gave Paul the power to minister successfully to the Gentile population.


What God-given opportunities do you have to minister to those around you? How has God called you to serve Him? When you face challenges and obstacles, do you view your opportunities for service as a gift or a burden?


Friends, it’s easy to get so caught up in our tasks that we forget what a privilege it is to be chosen by God for His service. There is nothing we could ever do to deserve it. We aren’t worthy. Why did He choose us? His grace. Are you enjoying your privilege to serve Him?



Jesus, thank You for my opportunities to serve You. I know that serving You is a gift You have given me according to Your grace. Strengthen me and sustain me so that I am able to steward the gift well. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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It is to be bless others to be encourage them along thorough life of a Christian.
I think that's all of our tendency. The problem is apart from Christ, everyone is spiritually dead. Sure, they may look more like you, sound more like you, or think more like you, but the fact is they are spiritually separated and dead. This helps me when I want to focus on my kind of people. But this doesn't mean you should go out of the places God has placed you. God wants you to make disciples as you go in your everyday routines. I think the key is asking God to keep our eyes and ears open to every opportunity...not just the ones we like.
David, I am an evangelist and I still need to remind myself of this! There are certain people or certain encounters that just overwhelm me. But when I remember I'm not the one who saves, I'm simply the one who shares it helps. It may not be natural, David, but God's power makes it supernatural!
Hey Joey. I'll have our team check out if something went wrong with the e-mails. What may have happened is on Fridays our Daily Forward Devotional gets the WtD video embedded. The DF devotionals are supplemental studies to help you dig deeper into the text or topic of the day. Fridays allow people to experience both in tandem. I hope that makes sense.
You are correct that the the missive is a blessing to read and then act upon in our daily lives. Just in case you were to care, then read the following. En - prefix meaning with, in, or within Courage - root word meaning to do something in spite of fear Ment - suffix meaning action or the result of an action
that was great incurigment.
Please pray for Indian ministry
I love to see this it’s good for the heart and soul I have opened a room of Facebook called Gods Room where people can come join and be encouraged
I tend to share with only liked minded folks. I need to also share God's word with those whom I may disagree.
I need the encouragement to share the gospel with others.
Great encouragement for me. Lord help me so to do.
I know that this lesson was meant for a person like me. I am referring to the part where Pastor Nat encouraged us to do the work of an evangelist. Help me to do my part, dear Lord Jesus.
Heavenly Father, it is indeed a privilege to be able to come to You and to be able to serve You. I know that I am not worthy or deserving. Help me along the way Father. Give me the strength and endurance to do Your will. I am truly grateful for Your grace and mercy. Thank You Father. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
Very inspiring testimonies. Thanks everyone for sharing. Thanks God for giving us your grace and mercy.
Pastor Nat I'm smiling right now. Please not I received an email at 2:am then one at 3:02 am. Both Win The Day. Of course I clicked both. Then I said hum so I went to Go Tatum and clicked Daily Devotional then Win The Day. I'm still smiling as they were the same message only titled differently. I'm still smiling because I'm Thankful for your Win The Day and daily devotional. May God Bless You and your family and keep You always in Jesus name Amen.
Thank you pastor. what a joy what a privilege to partner with God in sharing the good news of the gospel.
God bless you!
Wow. What a powerful experience. God has touched us all by His grace! Thank you for sharing!
it challenged me too, Mary!
Wow! What a reason to celebrate!
I was at a time in my life where I questioned that God was real. I felt abandoned by all my friends and family and was taking care of my four children alone. I had started to contemplate suicide. I began to pray and crying and asking God if you are real, reach out and touch my hand. My hand was touched and it startled me so much that I opened my eyes thinking one of my children had come in the room, but there was no one there. I know that I am not worthy of God's grace and mercy, but He touched my hand and from then on, I knew that God was real and that even though I am not worthy, God wanted me and chose me to be His servant. The love of God the Father and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit sustain me every day and I have grown in worship and faith and learning the Word of God in order to live a more Christ-like life and to share the Word with others. God bless you all for what you are doing! Thank you.
Very encouraging, just what I needed today. Also a challenge to do what God has gifted me to do.
Thank you for Sharing this POWERFUL Message!! I have had the Honor an Privilage to Bear Witness to a small handful of people OTHER. than my six sons over the course of the years. GODS Provided Courage an Strength. HELPED me to do this Blessed Discipleship in his NAME! HOW POWERFUL an WHAT a GIFT!! GLORY be to GOD the FATHER, an CHRIST the SON!!!
Amen and Amen!
God Bless you for calling this to my attention!
Amen! Thank you Father God for adopting me into your family even though I’m not worthy! Amen 🙏
Glory be to God. Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Thank u God and Jesus for being there for me every moment of every day. A men...
Thank You God
God bless you for a great sharing of the word. Gods words so special in this storm🙏
Great reminder; thank you Lord. God Bless!
Thank God for giving us another weekend and I thank God for the devotional and thank you pastor Nat
I pray most days gratitude for breath in my lungs. There are some days I look outside and think "Man, this world is going down quickly." But then I remember God is on the thrown and allowing us to change the world one gospel seed at a time.
Pastor Nate Crawford, This might seem either petty or so ridiculous that it never entered your mind. I noticed that there is a triptych negative image of a tandem bicycle. The bicycle is out of time. That is the cranks are not parallel with the pedals synchronized. Such would make riding more difficult than necessary. Is it a reminder that everyone should work together with the Holy Spirit to accomplish the goals? Or is it, that even when we are going the same way and not at the same time we will reach the goal? Thank you for being a blessing. James Alexander Tomlinson
People will fail us. God won't. I think one of the challenges we must overcome is that comparing or equating God to our earthy fathers or mothers...or anyone else. Thank you for serving those in need and doing it with gospel intentionality!
That must be so hard. To watch a child struggle in rebellion must break your heart. And we know that God has been faithful and long-suffering in our own lives. I pray that your level of faith and trust in God will increase. I pray for wisdom for you to know how to navigate this difficult situation. I also pray for the repentance and restoration with your son. Amen!
It's amazing how inclusive God is in His offer of salvation. Amazing grace. It's also important to realize that He is exclusive in that personal relationship to those who respond in faith.
Amen! May this all be our prayer!
Happy Friday! Where is it you excel in service? Where is it you struggle? How can we as a community help encourage you?
Amen! Lord, thank You for my gifting. May I ever use it to faithfully serve and honour You in everything I do. Help me to be a faithful and committed steward. Amen.
Good morning to all God's Children's I thank God on this morning for waking us up this morning,I thank God for all He had done in my life and in the lives of my grandchildren's and children's I pray that God will continue to use me and show me how to help in time of need for those who need help I want more than anything to do God's will,I thank you Lord for giving me in all who ask for guidance and direction for our family and friends so that we all can come to no you better in Jesus Name Amen🙏🙏🙌🙌
It really seems that in God's eye there isn't a difference between Jew and Gentile. He loves both. Both must be His chosen. His election, through the blood of Jesus. Thank be to God.
For years I was able to be a Childrens Church Leader, but with Covid, that has stopped since last March. I pray all this can go away and not only in the CC, but also in whatever area possible, the Lord will guide me to be in His service! Amen.
It was ironic in that I was in the process of reaching out to my 23 year old son who has been in a downward spiral for 5+years and has no direction and I really don't think any relationship with the Lord. I reach out to him a lot, but at the same time I have had to really ask for my own forgiveness for harboring resentment over his choices. I pray to let go of the past altogether and continue to help him move forward as I told him, the Lord has the only ladder to get up out of that hole!
I’m a recovering alcoholic, and drug attic. By God‘s mercy and grace is freed me. I have been freed from these addictions since 1996, but in the last four years God brought me to a ministry where I am many others from my church go out and deliver food to the homeless and the needy counsel them and tell them about the love of God almost every person that I talk to we have the same history. The Lord has allowed me to share with people, God’ amazing Love, Mery , and Grace. Many like me didn’t have a good Earthly father. The God made us his children and loves us abundantly and unconditionally
This view that what we do for God is a gift from him has change my view of ministry involvement. I am convicted to change my view and repent for my former view as my ministry. May I become a better steward of God's grace
I thank God for giving me the gift to serve for the building of His Kingdom and to serve according to His will and that it is pleasing unto Him. Thank you, Lord, for the gifts.
Yes I do believe that God has chosen me to be a tassel to help other people people that are in need people that just needs conversation basically sometimes I feel like it’s a burden rather than a blessing but I keep going I keep doing what I need to do because I want God’s blessings I wanna be able to hear him say well done that good and faithful servant enter into the joy the Lord so keep me in prayer as I pray for you
Thank You Lord for allowing me to serve
What a blessing to be conduits of God's grace and love!
Lord thank you. For helping me to understand, it is a gift and a priviledge to share the gospel. For that my soul is lifted. Your undeserved favor and power to kindle the.hearts of.your people. Amen.
Father God, how blind I can be to Your grace that surrounds me. Please forgive me and give (grace!) me understanding.
Thank you for the reminder that all things are a gift from God and it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of what is given.
Let us not forget that a gift we receive from God - which is soooo easy to overlook - is that we exist! We are deliberately created and a particular spirit is bestowed upon us by the Creator. The Father, Son, and Spirit know us all - what a Gift! Praise God from who. ALL. blessings flow....
Thank you God,for this gift to serve you...Amen
Amen, thank you God, it is a gift.
Thank you father for this gift to be a vessel for you to take care of the people in need. For this i am grateful and will serve it well. AMEN
Thank you father for giving me the tools to serve you and what i need to do. I thank you Lord. AMEN
Thank you, Lord, for this gift. Amen.
Living as a believer in Jesus is an undeserved gift in every way. It is a gift from God to believe in Jesus. It is a gift of God that Jesus’ blood covers, removes the penalty of our sin. It is a gift that Jesus’ perfect righteousness is given to us when we first believe in Him. It is a gift to be filled with the Holy Spirit by having faith in Jesus. It is a gift that the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the truth of the Bible. It is a gift that Jesus’ love shines in and through us. It is a gift when His love moves us to share His light to the people around us. It is a gift when people give us a difficult time for sharing Jesus’ love and truth. It is a gift that Jesus will always be with us and bring us to the Father in glory. We praise the Lord Jesus for all the grace (undeserved gift) He gives us. Amen and Hallelujah!