Someone That Will Never Change - Your Daily Forward Devotional


Someone That Will Never Change


August 19


Read Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow.



How do you feel about change? Do you embrace it or long for things to stay the same?


I do not like change. I like stability. I want to make plans and have them work out. I thrive in a predictable routine.


So it might be interesting to know that in the past 7 years, I have moved 4 times due to job changes. Just when I’ve started to feel settled, we have to start packing up again. Everything changes and we have to start all over.  Add a puppy and then 3 babies born during these 7 years and you can imagine how overwhelmed I was at every routine change and “new normal”. Even good changes can be stressful.


Surprisingly, during this last move, I did not feel as anxious about another fresh start. Why? Because God had proven Himself faithful in our past and I knew He’d be faithful in our future. I knew that He’d provide a new community of friends and place people in our lives that would be an encouragement to us. I knew that I’d figure out how to navigate all of the new details of everyday life. But mostly, I had learned that the most important thing did not change no matter where I went. Jesus’s presence. He has always been there for me through every major change in my life, good or bad. And I can count on that staying the same in future.


Everything in this life is temporary and subject to change. Isaiah 40:8 reminds us that nothing on earth is reliable or permanent, but God’s promises will always stand. “The grass withers and flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”


Are you looking for sure footing? You can put your trust in someone who won’t change His mind or His ways. He never changes and He never fails us. Jesus will be faithful to every promise He made in His Word. You can count on Him.



Jesus, thank You for being a firm foundation. I do not have to worry that You will change Your mind or leave me. Even though everything else is uncertain, I know that I can count on You. Amen.

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3 months ago
Jesus Christ The same today, tomorrow, forever. Amen
2 years ago
Yes In Jesus 🙌 Name we pray 🙏 Amen
2 years ago
Amen 🖤
2 years ago
Lord Jesus, thank You for Your never-changing character in an ever-changing world. You are my Rock. Thank You for growing my faith.
2 years ago
Dear Jesus, you are my firm foundation. Thank you for loving and caring for me. As long as I have You, I do not have to worry that You will leave or for sake me. "Your Word is truth." That's why I love You so, so much!
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