Prayer Tactics - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Prayer Tactics

With Tiffany Crawford

July 3, 2020

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced? For me, it was when I heard the word “cancer.” No one ever wants to hear the word cancer, but no mother wants to hear that your son has cancer.

At just two months old, our son Landon was diagnosed with rare cancer. I experienced sadness, anger, and of course, fear. Will my son die? What will life look like?

I don’t know what fear you’re facing. But there was a verse that helped me through my scary times with my son. I know this verse will help you too.

Philippians 4:6-7 says,  “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

You see, it doesn’t matter if it’s cancer, a job loss, a prodigal child, or a lost wallet, God cares. God knows. God sees it all.

So whatever fear you’re facing today, Stop. Pray. And let God’s peace cover you like it covers me.

Text in Context: Read Philippians 4:1-9

Reflect: What are the qualities of someone who demonstrates Phil. 4:6-7? How does our focus impact our feelings? What comes to mind in verse 8 for Paul? For you?

Respond: What do you fear right now? How does this verse impact how you approach your situation?

Prayer: Father, you know my situation. Thank you for watching over me. Take away my anxiety and help me to trust you through it all. Amen.

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Thank you Jesus for not allowing me to worry because You told us to cast all our burdens to you.
July 4th, it was the 11th anniversary of finding his tumor. I'm glad to say, he's now 10 years cancer-free. He still has surgeries for reconstruction, but he's doing great. Happy. Healthy. All boy. I will be praying for your granddaughter. That is a tough battle, but one our King can carry!
Lee & Alma - I am lifting you up in prayer today! I am praying for this procedure to go smoothly and for the pain to go away. I am praying for peace for you as you wait for the procedure to be over and for the healing to begin.
I praise God for eliminating fear in my life knowing He is always with me wherever I go or whatever I face
Praying for you today sister for the Joy of our Salvation!! Praise God!! Enjoy your day in the Lord!!🤗🙏🏼
Hi, I just wanted to say I am lifting up your little granddaughter in Prayer. Prayer for you and your family as well for peace, comfort, strength and faith that all will be worked out for the best.🙏🏼❣️
I have found this to be truth. When I pray and bring everything to God with and open and humble heart all of my fears and anxieties can be left with God. Then I like to listen to uplifting music, thanking the Lord for all things. My soul and my Spirit receive the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for your message and thank you Jesus that you are not a liar and that all of your words are yes and Amen.✝️❤️🤗
I was so glad to hear my devotional verses today bcoz Gods words is always on time and it is new every morning for great is Thy faithfulness. I thank Godfor you.
Thank you for your devotion! How did things turn out with your son's health? Our 3 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma cancer in February. She turned 4 in April and still has 2 more years of chemo. We couldn't do this journey without Jesus and prayer.
Thank you. Myself and my cousin both needed to read/hear this verse. I trust God and what He says and promises. I pray for everyone that they feel the peace and love from God. Amen 🙏
Larry, I think we all struggle with that same thing. I've found working on memorizing scripture as I am going about my daily tasks helps. It will keep your mind on His word and after a while that word will get down into your heart. Then you will see things in the scriptures you memorize that you never saw before because memorizing causes meditation (which is what He tells us to do). I've learned that I get a lot more out of it if I memorize a whole chapter or at least a passage because then you more of the contextual meaning. I'm retired so I can leave the radio or TV on Christian stations all day. That also helps me practice the presence of God throughout the day. One thing I've noticed that when God has a message for the church you will start hearing it from a variety of pastors and other people - the same message from many sources. Hope this helps. God bless you.
Thank you. It feels good to hear God's word at this time of troubles. God bless you for all you do. Theresa
Honor God, always pray for others.
Yes, I have been there, but thanks be to God, He gave me the victory! Going through the trail was tough but:" God gave me blessed consolation, that my trials comes to make me strong. Though it all I learned to trust and depend on Him and His Word". Thank You Lord!
Praying for healing for your husband and peace for both of you!❤️
I am a supply pastor and I am serving a church this Sunday that has experienced turmoil as they were closed. Inner fighting and fear among the members. This devotion reminds me of the privilege I have to share Gods word of truth and healing. Pray that my words may bring that healing please.
I'm trusting in Jesus as I am going through something I cant explain, I dont know if it is the fear of something, I just dont know what but, it is causing me sleepless nights. But I am holding to the one source, Jesus, to get me to the other side for peace and rest.
I fear that my heart often leads me away from God’s love to other lesser things. I need Jesus everyday to show himself through scripture and others things that is is most desirable and come to him for joy and rest.
Thank you for this Devotional and the Bible passage. My husband is struggling with Severe Back Pain and has had multiple Injections to ease the Pain. Another Treatment is set for this coming Wed morning when the Dr will actual Deaden the Nerve. This is Scary for both of us. Praying it is the Right Step to take. He is also struggling with Cognitive Issues and has difficulty expressing what he wants to say. We don't know if some of these Injections in his Spine may have Caused this or if it is Part of Aging. He is 76 and has been a Leader and Trainer in his Industry. So this is very Scary. Please cover us in Prayer. Lee and Alma 🙏🙏
Someone who demonstrates Phil. 4:6-7 will be at peace even in trouble. They will not be anxious about anything and be content despite hardships. Our feelings are impacted by what we focus on, which reflects our faith. Paul therefore reminds us to fix our thoughts on the things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and worthy of praise. Let us allow such things to fuel our faith as we put aside our frustrations. Lord grant us a fresh perspective in every situation and eyes to see through yours. Deliver us from all fear and renew our spirit today. May the joy of the Lord be our strength. Amen
This helped me today. I’ve been anxious about a change in my daughters living situation that means she will be moving far away.
Thank you for sharing.
Father you know my situation right now, I have no other choice than to trust you, without borders.
It is such a comfort to ask for and have the peace that passes all understanding. i pray that when I turn things over to the Lord, I do NOT take them back. I have laid them at the foot of the cross once and for all.
I do like your devotion it helps to remind us that God is there for us. I am always asking God to help me stay on track everyday and to pray for the good and the bad. Thank you.
Amen. The peace of God makes all the difference
Praying For Protection. In JESUS' YESHUA Holy Name. Amein And AMEIN
This devotional is a Devine appointment. I've struggled with fear for decades. I've lost wonderful opportunities because of it. Our home church is asking people to do a video how fear is affecting life and make it a declaration and decree to God in prayer against it. God gave me a melody to the scripture in 2 Timothy 1:7 to help me walk in faith and not fear. So you see, this subject matter is right on time.
At 7: 20 p.m. tonight, I got a call from someone representing The OREGON Department of Revenue. I don't know what it was about. Please pray that God will protect me!