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Once for All


March 25

Read Hebrews 9:12-14 (ESV)
He entered once for all into the holy places, not by means of the blood of goats and calves but by means of his own blood, thus securing an eternal redemption. For if the blood of goats and bulls, and the sprinkling of defiled persons with the ashes of a heifer, sanctity for the purification of the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God.

How is the sacrifice of Christ, different from the old sacrificial system?

Imagine living in the times of the Old Covenant. According to Leviticus 16, once a year on the Day of Atonement, the high priest would have to sacrifice bulls and goats on behalf of the people of Israel. Death was required as atonement for the sins of all the people. Numbers 19 explains the ordinance of the red heifer which states that an unblemished cow should be burned and its ashes stored outside of camp. Every time someone was deemed “unclean” due to coming into contact with the dead, the heifer’s ashes served as a purifying agent. The “unclean” person would go through a cleansing ritual that involved getting sprinkled with the heifer’s ashes.

This sacrificial system was ongoing. It had to be repeated because the sacrifice was never sufficient. Also, while the sacrificial system offered atonement for sin, it never provided direct access to God. Only the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies, the place Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle, where the Ark of the Covenant and the mercy seat dwelt. No matter how many animals were sacrificed, God's people could never be in direct relationship with Him. Sin separates us from God.

But Jesus... Hebrews 9 explains how Jesus’ sacrifice was superior to the Levitical system. As our Great High Priest, He entered the Holy of Holies once and for all. His blood is infinitely more perfect and powerful and His ashes ultimately more purifying. When we trust in Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, our sins are not merely temporarily covered. Our sins are forgiven. They are removed from us. We are washed clean by the blood of the Lamb.

Today’s passage tells us that Jesus offered Himself without blemish to God. He did not go involuntarily or against His will. He knew that His sacrifice was the only way for us to be made right with God. It was the only way to restore our relationship with Him. And He loved us enough to lay down His life on our behalf.

Friends, on the cross Jesus said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). All of our efforts and strivings to earn forgiveness are not only useless but they are not necessary. Jesus paid our debt with His blood. The sacrifice has been made. Once and for all. It is finished.

Jesus, thank You for loving me so much that You were willing to die for me. In You, not only are my sins forgiven, but my relationship with God is restored! It is finished. Amen!



~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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What an infinitely more holy sacrifice You made on my behalf than the trivial sacrifice I attempt to make in my own strength. Thank You Jesus for Your work finished work on Calvary which You made in my behalf.
Thank you to all who hold me in their prayers
It is finished AMEN
Praise the Lord! Aleyuya!
For years I wondered at the importance of various parts of the Lord Jesus' ministry and got some clarification this week. His incarnation allowed Him to identify with humans, His perfect life vindicated the Lawgiver's high standard of behavior and qualified Him to be not in need of redemption, His bloody death paid the price of sin for the entire human race for all time (at which point Satan mistakenly supposed that Jesus' death marked the failure of God's redemptive plan) and His resurrection destroyed the plan of Satan to defeat God and drag the human race down to perdition with him. Clearly Jesus' resurrection makes God the victor in this battle between colossi and provided hope for all who are willing to surrender to God for forgiveness and rebirth.
Jesus my lord and savior! I could never repay you for the cross ! What I can do with the help of the Holy Spirit to emulate you to others so that they might get saved! Thank you for saving a lowly sinner like me Amen ✝️🙏🇺🇸
It is finished!
I am praying for you, the Lord heal you, the Lord will help you win your battles. In Jesus name Amen.
Christ sacrifice is for enteral, the old sacrifice(animals) are tempory.
The Lord gave me this over 10 years ago...think it goes along with your message Pastor Nat Trust is blesses to God's Glory! Best, Jim Nothing But The Blood Ephesians 1:7 Philippians 2: 8 1 John 1:7 Jim Nelligan /06/30/09 VERSE Sealed and covered in a flood of red From the bottom of my toes to the top of my head Pure and forgiven by the blood of the Lamb The King of Kings, the great I AM Color of perfection is not about a shade Shed by my Savior, God man-made Covered in crimson from His sacrifice The cleansing flow made me whiter than snow CHORUS Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus! Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus! VERSE Think about my Savior and what He’s done The anointed One, God’s only Son He bridged the gap to the Father of us all In obedience, He took the fall Loved us sinners though we didn’t know His Name His perfect love will never fade So excited, have to sing and shout Praise the Lord, what I’m talking about CHORUS x 2 Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus! Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus! BRIDGE How could He care for You and me, that He offered this sacrifice? Why would He come and pay this price, take the blame, remove our shame? CHORUS/ENDING Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus! Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus!
Glory be to God. Truth....Amen, by the grace and help of God through Christ.
Amen and amen!!
I am praying for you. I pray that God will help you overcome these battles. They can be won, but only in His power! Praying!
All of or any of you please pray for me and ask God to heal me of angry spirit and lust. I'm really at the end of my rope with these 2 issues in my life.
Jesus, the perfect sacrifice. God gave His very best for all of us. He held nothing back. What do we give in return? God wants our love, devotion, and worship. Also loving others is not optional.
Amen Thank you for the forgiveness given me and the gift of life Father In Jesus name
Heavenly Father thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to be a sacrifice for our sins. If it wasn't for Jesus, we would not have a relationship with You, Father God. Jesus made it" finished "once and for all. There isn't or ever will be a more pure, holy, and perfect sacrifice that will give us salvation and eternal life in Heaven. Thank You Jesus. In Your Holy name I pray, Amen.
Gracias por tu amor Señor Jesús, Gracias por tu sacrificio y por el perdón de nuestros pecados. Amen
For the Blood of the Lamb was poured out for the forgiveness of sin of the world. Father, I ask for Your help to honor the sacrifice of Your Son and to keep me from sin. Amen!
Thanks for your deep love. I can’t fathom love that deep. Praise God
thank you Jesus for loving us so much that you died on the cross for all our sins even though we aren't worthy. I cannot thank you or praise you enough but I work every day on getting to know you better and love you more.
Thank you, Lord. For You have ripped the curtain of veil that separated us from direct access to our Father. Amen.
Thank You for loving me so much that You were willing to die for me. I love You God. Amen ❤️🙏🏽
Amen. Thanks be to God!
Amen and thankyou Lord
Yes, thank you Jesus for loving me so much. I love You! Thank you Pastor Nat for bringing us all such wonderful devotions.
Thank You Jesus for dying fore sins. Such a selfless sacrifice all for someone like me. I am eternally grateful. Amen! 🙏🏼💜
Thank you JESUS. AMEN!!!
Jesus thank you for dying for my sins. Please help me not take advantage of your mercy and grace. Help me to take up my cross daily for if I die to myself you will live in me and I will glorify you. Thank you for loving us so much. Amen
Amazing thank you for this reminder
Jesus we love 💕💕💕 You 💗💗💗
Jesus please help us 🙏🙏🙏