Loving Redirection - Your Daily Forward Devotional

Loving Redirection


September 21


Read Matthew 18:15

If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.



Think about the last time you had a conflict with another Christian. Did you seek to correct the problem privately first?


Our culture has a conflict resolution problem. If someone does you wrong, blast them on social media. “Vent” over coffee with friends about them. If it’s a coworker, tattle to your boss. Mad at your child’s teacher? Bring the issue up in public at a school board meeting. But it is definitely not the cultural norm to approach the problem with the person that it directly involves first.


Unfortunately, this method of “conflict resolution” has seeped into church culture as well. Did you catch someone in sin? Tattle to the pastor. Have a problem with the pastor? Go straight to the elders. Have an issue with someone from Bible study? Gossip about them behind their backs with other members. Did someone in your church family say or do something that hurt you? Blast them on social media. These days, you can even leave bad reviews for churches on their websites and social media pages!


But how did Jesus tell us to resolve conflict within the church? Privately and directly with the person who sinned against you whenever possible. In Matthew 18:15-17, Jesus lays out the steps for conflict resolution and discipline within the church. I am only focusing on the first step because I have found that most problems between two believers can be solved after just this first step. But when this first step is skipped, problems grow into huge divisions. An issue between two people becomes everyone taking sides. The church begins to fight amongst each other. This should not be.


Jesus was speaking to believers about how to address sin with other believers. But what if we sought to resolve all of our problems this way? Even with unbelievers? What if we approached that co-worker privately without involving our boss? What if we set up a meeting with our child’s teacher to hear their side of the story? What if we spoke face to face with the person that hurt us? What if we vowed to never post on social media while we are angry with someone?


Friends, following the first step in Jesus’s plan for resolution, has the power to restore relationships. If you want people to see Jesus in you, follow in His ways-especially when you are hurt and angry.



Jesus, Your way is always the best way. Help me to follow Your plan to graciously address those who have sinned against me. Just as I would want them to approach me in my sin. Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford

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Pride and justifiable anger are two major reasons ppl gossip and let everyone know how so and so hurt us. When 2 or more ppl are angry with each other both sides lose. When neither side “ forgives” Nothing is restored. Jesus made it clear when he forgave all who had tortured him Just before he died. His example is the only way to live and let live without doing even more harm. It’s the only way we can truly be happy and at peace with ourselves. We must forgive ourselves as well.
This is so very true. I have been angered by another and I am still angry even though I know it is wrong of me!
Thank You, God, for appointing Christ as our condemner. (Romans 8: 34) Thank, You, God as allowing Christ to be our Shepherd and show us Your Way. Originally, Your law as given to Moses was extremely difficult to follow and left out compassion on how to deal with relationships among fellow man. (Deuteronomy 9:15-21) Thank You, God, for allowing Christ to bring back compassion to us and reminding us to deal compassionately with each other. (Matthew 18:21-35) In Your Name, I pray. Amen
God, Your way is always the best way. You have asked me to follow in Christ's footsteps. Christ graciously reminded me, through Your Word, how to address those who have sinned against me just as I would want them to approach me in my sin. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.
Lord Jesus, thank You for this reminder of the way that I must resolve my issues with my brothers and sisters, which I have flouted in the past. Forgive me Lord and teach me Thy statutes.
Thanks for the message. So thankful for pastors and the Bible that instructs us how to live. I'm thankful for being able to pray to God directly.
God is good always, he has never left me alone he has been my strong hold
Good Word
God is close, even when I am hurting, thank God He is. I will follow His plan always.
When the conflict you and the person go in private, if he listens to you, you gain a brother..
Lord, Help me to handle conflict and issues of emotions like You would. I do not want my feelings to take over before I have rationally weighted all facts. I want Your light to shine through me, Lord. Privately seeking to resolve my situation with others, instead of just reacting in haste. I love You Lord, I depend on You and need You, Your guidance every single day of my life. I pray this prayer in Your Son Jesus Christ name, Amen.
Praise the Lord because after I told my hurt to my son he was hurt, and shut down. The Jesus reminded me that when I feel rejected I reject and that I got my eyes off Jesus! Oh boy so true and then I missed up . So now I have wait for healing and pray that he forgives me on hurting him because of my hurt of how selfish I was. Thank you Pastor it was a good tool.
Thanks Pastor Nat for these words of wisdom and encouragement. Lord Jesus, empower me to be obedient to Your instructions in handling conflict with another. Give me wisdom and grace to handle the matter privately for an amicable resolution bringing You glory and honour.
As a pastor, your story is not unique. I have heard this many times before. In Dr. Henry Cloud's book "Necessary Endings", he reminds us that at times we need to put relationship boundaries in, and at times we need to put relationships aside. There isn't a simple answer to your dilemma. But generally speaking, I'd pray for wisdom. I'd pray for the people. And I'd pray for peace. There are relationships that will not recover for various reasons. That's hard. That's frustrating. But at times endings are necessary...at least for a time.
Thank you!
Thank you pastor I thank the Almighty God for a new week
Thank you
Do not approach when you are angry. Wait and calm yourself before you speak to that person.
Lord Jesus give us the courage to speak the truth in love to those that we are having difficulty. Holy Spirit fill us with love, wisdom and truth so we can trust you more. Amen
I love this post it shares light on the way we're living and I myself need to work on being more like Jesus this was very enlightening. Thanks
You are in my thoughts an prayers that you can find peace and heal from all the hurt
You know I hear what say ‘Est the lord of host. And I have tried doing exactly what God said but the people that hurt me the most never listens to me. How can one hear when they think they know it all and never listen to you I just feel when I approached the very ones that hurt me, I cannot heal without getting it out? Instead if one listen and show some type of remorse and apologizes to how and what they did in the first place. Then I'm call names, I'm being mark, and bully, and told like you so self-righteous it is a control thing I'm never going to heal not unless my voice has been heard. How do you know when you are heard? When you see that person trying to fix things and help you to get through the pain. It was God that kept me and abstain me from putting my own family out there yes, I'm very angry person right now I have been passive and ignore the lies for years. I have not done anything about it today I was getting ready to expose all that have hurt me so deeply today on face book. But sense I have read the scripture I'll think about it some more. It is going to take a lot of praying and a lot of God strength to keep me this terror that has been taking place with mom all my life and sixteen years of pain from my kids my mom use kids to hurt their parents it been a long time coming . I sincerely think it is time to break this generational cruse that has been going on for decades I just cannot stand it or watch it any more she is vicious.
Thank you, for this ,Jesus was, and is love an excellent reminder for me to reflect on when conflicts occur. .