Live Out What You Know to Be True


September 25




What’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is the technical information where wisdom is knowing how to implement that information. Many Christians today have the head knowledge, but feel spiritually stuck. They know parts of the Bible. They can paraphrase verses, but they just feel like they are drifting in a spiritual ocean.

What’s the solution? Look at what Paul writes in Colossians 1:9-10:

“And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, 10 so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

I once heard a motivational speaker say, motion creates emotion. If you want a hug, give a hug.

That’s kind of what Paul is saying in verse 9. He’s praying for that knowledge to become wise by walking by it. They have knowledge. They can always use more. But will they now walk in it?

If you want to become unstuck, be wise. Live out what you know to be true in Scripture. Take just one small step to live out the Bible that you do know, and it will propel you to learn more and do more.

Don’t wait to feel ready. Start today.



Text in Context: Read Colossians 3:1-14

Reflect: What is the way to spiritual life? How does the world clothe themselves? How does that compare to how Christians clothe themselves? How does this impact our spiritual progression?

Respond: We all have that favorite t-shirt. What old clothes do you still cling to that you know you need to put away for good? What clothing can you put on instead?

Prayer: Father, thank you for providing me with a new wardrobe that fits me perfectly. Help me to keep it on today. Amen.

~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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Jane - we are glad you are using goTandem and the Forward Devotionals!
My Lord and My God, kindly grant me more of Your divine wisdom and help me to use it to Your honour and Your glory in Jesus' name I pray.
Lord help me to put on this new. wardrobe and wear it proudly
Truth thank you Amen
Truth...Amen, by the grace and help of God.
Whaa I just love Pastor Nat devotionals and team everyday I look forward with my notebook to be equipped and learn to walk taking my walk with God further, sharing with others. Thank you Lord Jesus as you equip me to walk the walk and live the life, God bless the Gotandem team as they bless and equip me and all. Amen
Thank you Lord for giving me the knowledge of the Bible. I read it often, now teach me how to use it wisely by sharing it with others. "Thank You."
This will explain why we are stuck in away in our Christian life.
Father help me to walk by your wisdom thank you lordfor these inspiring words
Thank you very inspiring and helpful
I need to decide or put it to rest to be part of testimonial with my organization as to how donors have been impacted by our ministry. I have giving testimonials before, however, I don't seem to make a very visual or auditory impression on Zoom meetings. I am really tired and frustrated and think it is someone else's time to give their impute. My prayer is to make this God's decision and not mine. D. Jackson
Amen.....I agree we can't wait to be ready. We live for a whisper in time and we never know when that whisper will end. The Lord waits for us to open our hearts as He calls us to Him. When the Holy Spirit leads us, ready or not, we go and that moment is our salvation and our transformation. Father God I pray for a quickening of the Spirit today in our divided country. Bless those attending The Return tomorrow in Washington DC. Fill each of them with living waters and let their prayers flow to the righteous and the unrighteous. I pray the Holy Spirit will call the unrighteous to the alter at this event and our country will unite. In Jesus mighty and merciful name. Amen
Lord I am asking You to help me with my Daily Walk in gaining wisdom and knowledge from The Word of God and applying that wisdom and knowledge to everyday life and actions. Lord I can not do this on my own, I need Your help and guidance on this journey. Thank You for being the Lord of Righteousness. In the Mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
"Don't wait to FEEL ready", that says so much to me. Often I tell myself things like 'when the time is right' (it will rarely every be literally the right time), 'it's on my to do list', (can't remember when I completed a to do list), 'I'm sure I could do it but so and so really does this better than me' (so and so is probably saying the same thing about me). Feelings are variable, not always reliable and not a good gauge of if I am ready to move out into action for God. Thank you for this great message!
Thanks you for the insight
That makes a lot of sense. Don't just think. Get up and do.
Thank you for this post
I'm writing just to mark this day when this was the precise lesson God is working in me. Again. Follow Me. Where would I go Lord, You have the words of eternal life.
Thank you pastor for this devotional everybody on this page have a blissful weekend
I am so thankful for this instructional encouragement today; thank you Pastor Nat! Lord, thank You for the transformational work You are doing in my life. Teach me Your ways so that I can become wise and walk by it. Empower me to learn, grow and do more each day for my edification and Your glory.
Good thought, in motion cause emotion and knowledge working becomes wisdom. God gives us just what we need for today. Anymore would overload us and cause us to be proud and not dependent on him. Jesus thank you for loving us perfectly and providing everything thing we need to glorify you and our joy. Amen
Timely reminder for us Christians , thanks Pastor Nat!
Wonderful sermon thank you