Keeping In Step - Your Daily Forward Devotional


Keeping In Step


November 19


Read Galatians 5:25

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.



How can we make sure that we are staying in step with the Spirit?


Watching a well-rehearsed marching band is really an awesome experience. Each individual musician is playing their own instrument and must stay in tune musically and in step physically with the rest of the band. This is difficult enough when they are just marching down the street. They stay in straight lines, with each foot rising and falling at the same exact time. Left, left, left, right, left. But during field performances, they add to the complexity by playing a song while moving in and out of various formations and still staying in perfect step with each other! It’s amazing!


This is what the apostle Paul is asking us to consider as we live by the Spirit. If we are walking in step with the Spirit, we aren’t running off ahead, and we aren’t falling behind. Sometimes we assume we know what the Spirit is asking us to do, so we forge ahead without prayer. Other times, we sense the Spirit asking us to do something, but we don’t approach it with any urgency. We will eventually get around to obedience, right?


But since we live by the Spirit, we should be in perfect formation with the Spirit. Our feet should rise and fall at the same time. Same foot, same tempo. How do we make sure we are doing this? I find that it’s helpful to get in a rhythm of spending time in the Word, in prayer, in praise, and with His people. Just like a marching band requires hours of rehearsals to learn to stay in tune and in step with each other, keeping in step with the Spirit means spending time with the Spirit. Friend, check your steps today. Are you walking in step with the Spirit?



Holy Spirit, I want to walk through my life with You. Guide me and keep me in step with You. Amen.



~ Pastor Nat Crawford



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a year ago
Thanks for the message. I had never thought about comparing keeping in step with Christ and a marching band. I was in marching band for 4 years during High School. You are right about keeping in step in marching band as not being easy hile playing at the same time. Loved this devotional today.
a year ago
Pastor Crawford your illustration was just perfect to bring the truth of this verse home to me. Thanks so much.
a year ago
Thank you for such a wonderful moment of the Wors of God and power
a year ago
Walking with You is walking in perfection. Lord Jesus, keep me in perfect timing with You.
a year ago
Since we live in a fallen world we, the body of Christ must be willing to listen to the Spirit. Our feet should rise and fall at the same time. Keep me in step with You Lord, I pray.
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