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It Was No Accident


March 1


Read Romans 1:20 (ESV)

For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.



What part of the natural world do you think speaks the loudest or the clearest of God’s perfect design?


Have you ever visited an art museum and wondered if the paintings just randomly developed over time on their own? Have you ever visited a bookstore and marveled at all of the books that were accidentally written? Of course not.


These scenarios seem ridiculous to us but they speak to the truth of the matter. Things do not create themselves. Especially things that are purposefully designed. For example, an author of a book doesn’t write down a random string of letters. He purposefully arranges the letters into words and the words into sentences. It is so intentional that it is obviously not an accident.


Likewise, the world could not have created itself and it didn’t come about accidentally. It is far too complex and much too specific in its design. Consider our DNA. It is an incredibly complex code that directs the functions of our bodies. Except for identical twins, no two humans have the exact same DNA. If DNA doesn’t point to our intelligent God being our Creator, I don’t know what does. DNA is an instruction manual for the development of our bodies. It is much more difficult to believe that a code developed over time by accident than to believe in an Author of the code.


But we don’t have to stop at just DNA to marvel at our Creator. Paul said that His “invisible attributes” are perceived in the things that He created. We can see His majesty in the mountains, His power in a storm, His vastness in the ocean, His beauty in the flowers, His faithfulness in the seasons, etc. In Psalm 19:1 David wrote, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” When we look up and look around, we see the evidence of God.


Spend some time looking around you today. Do you think this world really came about by chance? Was the earth created by a cosmic accident? Scripture does not support that. And creation itself testifies to the truth of Scripture.



God, You are awesome and powerful. Before time began, You were. Thank You for creating such a diverse, beautiful world. You made everything on purpose for a purpose. Amen.


~ Pastor Nat Crawford


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Thank You God
I agree, God is awesome.
You have created everything by design that is divine in nature, purposeful in intent and beneficial to us; and so we give You thanks Lord Jesus.
Our God is awesome that he inclued me in his family.
This was beautifully worded!
Heavenly Father yes we do Praise You God for be before and being still today the truth creator of all The Universe! All things made by You Lord and only in Your Majestic imagine. Father I Thank You and Praise You for making all The Heavens and earth in Your Gracious Purpose only. Please Father open our eyes to You to see each other and this earth as You see us and the earth. Please Teach and Bless us to see each other as You see we Your children. In Jesus name Amen. Pastor Nat I'm smiling just a little update per science identical twins are in fact not sharing the same exact DNA. Just food for thought 🙂. Thank You Pastor Nat for each new day keeping us walking on God's Path not our own.
Thank you lord for opening your arms to me
I thank GOD for all the magnificent beauty HE created for us.
Believing in God is so simple. Evidence of Him is everywhere. Climate change is not a man induced catastrophy. It is evidence of God at work. Doing what He sees fit to do. I follow God.
Thank God for giving us another beautiful day and thank you pastor Nat for the devotional
The heavens declare God’s glory. He has created us also to glorify His Holy Name. Jesus you are Creator of all things. Praise you Lord.
Amen! I have been blessed with a long technical career that spanned a wide array of research areas including the human body. If you spend any time studying the shear complexity of our carnal bodies and say, just consider our motor-nerve functions - how you move about - it is impossible to deny the Hand and intent of our Creator. The chemical pathways and electrical complexity of the human body is daunting to understand - much is not well understood to this day! Evolution theory and the theory of natural selection, do not even come close to supporting the development of such complex binary-sex human bodies. Sorry to geek-out, but this is a passion of mine. As the Bible teaches us to look at the natural world to witness the Hand of the Creator and the Word, you only need to open your heart and mind to see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...
Amen thank you
Glory be to God. Truth...Yes and Amen.
Thanks God you are a great and wonderful caring loving God. You created the whole wonderful world as you saw fit there's nothing or no one greater I Love you Lord Amen in Jesus JESUS CHRIST NAME. BLESS ARE WE.
The bible is God breathed and reliable. It says that God created the world and us. Are you going to doubt that? I know I'm not.
Jesus please help us 🙏🙏🙏
God is perfectly purposeful.
I agree and the time frame the unbelievers use is even laughable, billions of years they say, but God creating is really the only logical conclusion praise God!