God's Gift - Your Daily Forward Devotional

God’s Gift

With Tiffany Crawford

June 26, 2020

When do you feel most confident?

I feel most confident when I’m either singing or maybe when I’m decorating a cake. You see, I’m a singer and a cake decorator. When I do those activities, I feel most confident.

What causes you fear?

Do you know what causes me fear? This right here! I hate public speaking!

But I know how God has helped me to overcome my fears in life. God has reminded me of who I am in Christ.

Listen to what the Apostle Paul describes us as Christians:

“7 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”
Now in this passage, the Apostle Paul is addressing a group of people who are suffering for their faith. Now, perhaps, the suffering you’re going through isn’t related to your faith or sharing the gospel.

But know this that God has given you every spiritual resource you need to either overcome or endure any trial or threat.

So, regardless if its spiritual attack, fear because of illness, or an unexpected trial, God has you right where he wants you. God has given you the spiritual gifts you need. God has given you a spirit of boldness not because of who you are, but because of who God is.

The world is watching to see how you respond to life’s circumstances. Lean into God for strength, because He’s already leaned into you.

Text in Context: Read 2 Timothy 1.

Reflect: Paul was writing Timothy because of external pressures. Why is Timothy reminded of his mother’s and grandmother's faith and of the spirit God provides? How does a person fan the flames of their faith?

Respond: How can you display a spirit of boldness? Of love? Of self-control? What will that show others about your faith?

Prayer: Father, thank you for providing exactly what I need to endure my trial. Help me not fear, but instead show the spirit of power because of who you are. Amen.

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2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
Thanks be to God for spiritual provision to overcome all of my fear and trials
2 years ago
Great encouragement in these crazy times. Knowing that God cares about the minute details as much as the big picture problems in the world brings such comfort. “ Faith is the victory that overcomes the world “.
2 years ago
God is so good to us . He knows just what we need in Christ.
2 years ago
Please pray for me that God will heal the burning pains I am having in my body. Thank you.
1 reply
2 years ago
Heavenly Father, we thank you and praise you for who you are. Thank you for your healing power, which is touching the body of this individual, and removing the pain, restoring his/her health. As you strengthen his/her body, strengthen his/her faith and trust in you. In Jesus name. Amen!
2 years ago
Gamma please watch over My sister who you loved please watch over her and bless her with least amount of more pain than she’s already been through. I know you love her Gramma in Heaven love Her. She has all your gifts you watch over her I know you do. And Gamma Gramma I am so sorry. If it means anything at all I love you forgive me.
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